1DM+ v16.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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1. What is 1DM+?

1DM+ is an application for managing network access and downloading files from the Web at high speed.
1DM+ is an application that both helps manage network access and enables you to download files in many different formats, up to 500% faster than other normal file downloads.
1DM+ is the first app to support downloading files from the web to your device with fast and modern features. Later, developers added new features that turned 1DM+ into a powerful Web browser.
The app is known for its downloads, which are up to 500% faster than normal downloads. If nothing is available to download and the smart download option is disabled, it doesn’t run background services, which help extend the device’s battery life.

2. 1DM+Information

APP Name: 1 DM+
Category: Utilities
Developer: Vicky Bonick
Version: 16.0
Requirement: Android 12.0 and up
File size: 96 MB
Price: Free

3. Basic Download Function of 1DM+

Regarding the download feature, just download the app and use it, and you will be able to download files via the app immediately. Specifically, Torrent files are downloaded using magnetic links, Torrent urls, or mobile Torrent files. You can also download any file format directly to an external SD card to ensure that files have a wider range of destinations.
After downloading, you can choose to hide the downloaded file function to ensure the privacy of the device. For sites with a personal password, you can choose to save the password for automatic login to make the download process easier and faster. (Please be careful that your password may be stolen)
In addition, 1DM+ can support Live Stream HTTP websites, facilitating application streaming needs. The app also supports dark and light themes to accommodate different display preferences. When there is a need to save time or perform other actions during the download, users can take advantage of the following functions to perform tasks: pause and resume, pause all/Start all/Delete all.

If some unexpected issues arise during the download process, you will be able to fully restart the app and continue the previous download as long as the Wifi connection is stable. Because 1DM+ has built-in intelligent error handling to ensure that users don’t lose any data in the process, this feature is perfect for office users.
To be more proactive in the download process, you can also set up a download schedule with a specified time and storage folder. On the right day on time, according to the schedule, the app will automatically access the predefined website and download the necessary files. This feature is necessary if you are watching a long-running movie or taking a class with a new lecture that updates regularly.
Upon completion of the download process, 1DM+ will send a notification to the user via vibrating or ringing mode. Downloaded documents can be easily sorted by category by name, size, date, and time category.
Currently 1DM+ supports all file formats: file, music, audio, video, document, program, image. The app is also compatible with many web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox…

4. What are the Additional Features of the 1DM+ Paid Plan?

In addition to the basic features included in the above free plan, if you use the 1DM+ paid version, you will download up to 30 files at once, which can be chunked, meaning that a file is divided into several parts to speed up the download (up to 32). The paid version has additional proxy support, a speed limiter that limits download speeds. At the same time, the application will actively refresh the expired link and download the password-protected file.
If you use the paid version of 1DM+, there are quite a few add-ons. If you have large, continuous, and complex download requirements, you should consider these features.

5. Efficient Web Browser

In addition to the file downloads mentioned above, 1DM+ is also a fairly powerful web browser that supports a fairly large number of users, especially when browsing pages with high privacy. 1DM+ has outstanding browsing features, especially the ability to browse the web anonymously, support for multiple tabs, history and convenient bookmarks.

Developer Note: Before using 1DM+, you need to check the access permissions for the following parts on the device you are using, including:

* Whether the network is connected
*Whether the memory space is sufficient
*Check whether the vibration mode is enabled
*Whether the device has been switched to sleep mode

6. Download the 1DM+ APK for Android for free

1DM+ is useful because it’s both a great web browser for privacy and a tool for downloading many types of files on mobile devices. The app itself doesn’t take up much space and saves battery. If you need to download files regularly, just download 1DM+ here.


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