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Do you like football? Do you follow football games?

Why do people spend at least one hour a day searching for sports news, statistics and scores? In fact, just use the 365Scores app to find all the real-time scores and more. With this sports app, you can see your favorite leagues and teams.

365Scores Introduction

What is 365Scores?

365Scores is a sports app that counts all the games you want to watch, game scores and team information. In essence, this means you can create your own sports channel. Sign up for an account with 365Scores and you’ve got an athletic performance app with an optional sports channel that caters to all your preferences. Stay tuned to see how 365Scores stands out from other sports apps.

The Whole World of Football in 365Scores

For football fans, our daily life may be about picking up the phone, checking the results, updating the transfer market, or reading articles about the world of football. It seems simple, but it takes a lot of time to find the information we need. Therefore, in order to effectively solve the above problems, we set up the mission of 365Scores.

Users can get all the information about the field with just a touch. All the top tournaments all over the world like UEFA Champions League,Premier League, Bundesliga, League 1…  will have detailed and meticulous statistics. All the news, rankings, scores, interesting stories will appear on the homepage of the app.

In addition to the useful information on 365Scores, the app also holds the rights to broadcast a number of attractive tournaments. In addition, we also delivered comprehensive and quick in-depth reviews and post-match commentary before, during and after the match. However, all comments are presented in English. If you can’t afford to buy live sports rights from prominent broadcasters, then 365Scores is the right choice for you.

More Than Just Football

Soccer isn’t the only sport featured in the app, though soccer news accounts for the majority of 365Scores. Updates on basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, handball, football, baseball all over the world… Hundreds of unique sports and top tournaments in each field are available from 365Scores’ developers.

If you’re worried about the lack of detail from other sports, especially soccer, you can check out the app review section of the Google Play Store. Many sports fans use 365Scores to keep up with the latest news about their favorite sports. In any topic, there is some important information that is constantly updated to the user.

Receive notifications from your favorite team

365Scores’ push notification mechanism allows users to select which team, league, or player they are interested in and receive specific notifications relevant to them. Just look for teams and stars that interest you so you can put them on your favorite list. Then you will receive the latest, most accurate information. We even have privileged news from journalists, which we provide to our users as soon as possible.

In addition, the keywords that news users often view or search for will be recorded by the app to create trending options, and then we will feed you the content you love. Here you can find the latest news, and things that may interest you.


Thanks to its sleek interface,365Scores’ app is simple to use. The modern design gives users a professional, accessible feel while providing a complete and optimal number of features to meet all your purposes. In addition, 365Scores supports multiple languages.

Download 365Scores MOD & APK for Android

365Scores is a very useful and trusted real-time scoring app. With more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, that might be enough to convince anyone that it’s a good app. The convenience and unique features of this app will give you the best experience when you want to search for information about football and other sports.


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