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In today’s era of globalization, foreign language learning is extremely important for anyone. There is no denying that if we only know one language, it will be difficult for us to get in touch with some new things in the world. To truly understand the culture of a country or nation, we must first understand its language. Therefore, learning foreign languages, especially English, is urgent. But many people lack the background, time and energy to learn English.

As a result, ABA English has launched solutions for those who need to learn English online.

About ABA English

ABA English is a popular online English learning app with professional knowledge, as well as advanced features and technology to help students improve their language skills quickly. In addition, the application can also customize the level and study plan, which can meet the needs of each student according to their different situation.

Learn English online anytime, anywhere

With ABA English, students can study easily and conveniently on their mobile phone, tablet or the Internet. The study schedule is completely up to you, not limited by time and place.

ABA English also provides learning support by updating new courses and providing study plans based on each student’s level and needs. This will not only help students improve their English level, but also stimulate their interest and desire in learning English.

Customize your levels and plans accordingly

ABA English offers 6 different levels of study from A1 to C1, ensuring that students can find the level that best suits them. In addition, the app provides specific learning plans for different learning goals, such as communication skills, speaking, reading, listening, and writing exercises.

Learning assessment system

ABA English provides a regular learning assessment system. Students need to complete tests and assessments to achieve the learning objectives of each course. The system helps students self-assess their abilities and track their progress.

In addition, ABA English also keeps a complete learning sheet and schedule to help students manage and store their learning results. Students can track their progress, vocabulary and goals to help them improve and boost their confidence.

Topic specific learning

ABA English also offers courses at different levels. The course aims to help students improve their language skills in specific topics, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Interaction and discussion

ABA English provides the ability to interact through comments and forums. Students can discuss, share experiences and learn from other English learners around the world.

Rich learning content

  1. ABA English offers a wide range of learning content, from short basic courses to in-depth vocational training.
  2. ABA English provides books, videos and other learning materials for students to use.
  3. ABA English provides diverse, practical exercises to help students use and apply English in real situations. Students will learn how to use English in exercises related to communication, letter writing, interviewing, business reporting, marketing and many other areas.

Learning through film

ABA English is the world’s first English learning application that uses movies as a learning tool. Students can learn English by watching famous movies dubbed in standard English, so as to improve their listening ability and reaction ability, and the plot of the film makes the students feel interesting rather than boring.

Teachers and experts to accompany

ABA English has a team of professional teachers and experts who are qualified to teach English. They will support students in the learning process and ensure that the learning meets the desired goals.

Online testing

ABA English offers online tests and immediate outcome assessments to help students assess their abilities and identify weaknesses for improvement. ABA English will provide students with the best learning method for each of their skills and weaknesses.


The great thing about this app is that the team of teachers and experts that accompany it have developed a complete app that can help students progress quickly while retaining the flexibility and convenience of learning. If you are looking for a full-featured English learning application, ABA English is definitely a good choice.


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