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In today’s modern life, mobile devices in our hands have become an indispensable part of our life and work. We are increasingly dependent on our phones or tablets. But what happens when that trusted partner runs out of juice at the most crucial moment? You should use AccuBattery to check your phone’s battery health every day, just in case.

AccuBattery Information

APP Name: AccuBattery

Category: Utilities

Last updated: Updated on September 13, 2023

Version: 2.1.2

Requirement: Android 7.0 and up

File size: 14MB

Price: Free

Available on Google Play

Battery Health

AccuBattery displays battery usage information and measures battery capacity (mAh) (based on science).

Battery life is limited. Every time a device is charged, it wears out the battery, lowering its total capacity.

What is AccuBattery?

AccuBattery is a smart battery management app that helps you control and optimize your phone’s battery. AccuBattery is packed with convenient management features and is trusted by many users every day as a lifesaver when your phone runs out of power. AccuBattery has been downloaded millions of times on Google Play and is loved by all user groups!

The ultimate power-saving solution

More than just a regular battery management app, AccuBattery is committed to providing smart solutions for efficient battery management of mobile devices. The solution gives you a very accurate overview of your device’s battery health by providing information about battery voltage, temperature, and life expectancy. The app provides you with valuable information about battery health, battery usage patterns, and charging habits. This can help you get a clear picture of the battery’s health and decide whether to replace it with a new one.

Monitor the battery consumption of each app

Among the downloaded apps, there are bound to be some running in the background that will drain your phone’s battery even when not in use. Therefore, it is crucial to have a tool that allows us to manage them. AccuBattery will provide you with detailed information about each app’s battery consumption, thereby helping you identify which apps consume the most battery and need to be managed. You can see the total amount of time each app consumes your device’s battery, giving you a true picture of battery usage.

If you detect that a certain app is consuming too much power, AccuBattery will help you shut it down easily. By limiting battery consumption from power-hungry apps, you can extend your device’s battery life and get more use time.

Charge scientifically

AccuBattery not only helps you manage your battery consumption and battery health, it’s also responsible for managing how your battery is charged. The app provides you with detailed information about the battery charging process, including charging time and current charging rate. As you charge your battery, AccuBattery precisely monitors the charging process. The app provides information about charging times, letting you know how long it will take for the battery to be fully charged. In addition, you can monitor the current charging speed to help you know if you’re charging fast or slow.

AccuBattery also provides instructions and warnings to help you avoid overcharging and deep charging, both of which can damage the battery. Overcharging leads to increased heat and shortened battery life, while deep charging degrades battery capacity and performance over time. AccuBattery will provide recommendations on optimal charging times and send an alert when the battery is fully charged or needs to be interrupted.

Set alarms when something goes wrong

AccuBattery allows you to set battery alerts to suit your needs. You can set an alarm to go off when the battery is low, fully charged, or overcharged. This can help you understand the current battery status and take timely action. This is indeed a useful feature that many people need.

Multi-language support

AccuBattery provides you with support for many different languages, making it easy and efficient to use the application. The most popular is still English, established from the beginning. But if it’s still too confusing, customize it to the language you use most, including Chinese, German, French…

❤ Download the AccuBattery MOD and APK for Android

Overall, AccuBattery is a reliable and important app that helps you control your device’s battery life. With precise measurements, accurate insights, and unique battery management, AccuBattery will be your best battery companion, helping you extend the life of your mobile device and optimize its performance.


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