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With ADAS Calibration you can easily perform aiming with a Toolplanet BLE device without having to take it to a dealer or similar facility.
In addition, after diagnosis, an output work report indicates that the targeting work has been performed.
Aming is the calibration and adjustment work of cars and plays an important role in the safe driving of cars.
When you do, we will carry out the work, using advanced safety devices to work properly.
1. Amin function
With ADAS, for the safety and comfort of the driver, the car will grasp the surrounding information and accurately alert the driver.
It is a general term for supporting driving functions, such as controlling the car on behalf of the driver.
In the application, we will start with the following 6 typical targeting items.
· Collision damage mitigation brake
It can predict collisions with vehicles or obstacles ahead, sound alarms, and automatically control the brakes to reduce damage.
· Swing alarm device
It detects the car's wobbling and alerts the driver to increase concentration.
· Lane keeping auxiliary control device
· Braking force when the vehicle skids
Because the steering wheel is steep, it stabilizes the position of the vehicle when it skids.
· Administrative Committee on Coordination
Keep the distance from the vehicle in front constant. Maintain set speed when there is no vehicle ahead.
· Parking assistance system
When parking in the rear, the automatic steering wheel control supports smooth parking.
During the diagnosis process, you can use the camera function to take photos aimed at the work scene.
2. Vehicle information registration
In addition to manual vehicle information registration, there are two-dimensional code scanning registration methods.
You can easily register your vehicle by scanning the QR code in the lower right corner of your vehicle inspection certificate.
3. Preparation of vehicle inspection certificate
After aiming, output a work report indicating that aiming has been performed and completed.
You can start the camera during or after aiming, take photos of the work scene and output reports.
Since it is proof of reliable maintenance and aiming work, it is an indispensable material where insurance is applicable.
4. Save the data search function
You can search for past diagnostic vehicle information by specifying a date.
You can examine, edit, and print saved data.


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