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AdGuard VPN v2.5.26 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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❤ AdGuard VPN for your privacy and security.

❤ AdGuard VPN is a VPN app with a fresh, unique design and ninja-inspired feature style. The charm and quality features of this VPN service will definitely make you satisfied.

❤ AdGuard VPN hides your location and real IP address, encrypts your traffic, and helps you anonymously. Be sure your data is safe because we have a strict no-logging policy.

❤ Comprehensive VPN service with interesting interface and style!

How is AdGuard VPN different from other VPN services?

Ninjas are always mysterious, dark characters with a lot of ninjitsu. Ninjas can break into any place undetected, leave no trace, and glide over any terrain at wind speeds. Have you ever wished you could surf the Internet as securely, smoothly and without firewalls as Ninjas? With the help of AdGuard VPN VPN service, wishes can be realized.

Employing conceptual ideas, methods, and application design inspired entirely by famous ninja images, AdGuard VPN approaches users with intuitive, vivid, inspiring models and offers many useful VPN features.

Hidden like a ninja

AdGuard VPN can help you hide your real IP address so that no one can discover your real location. AdGuard VPN is also capable of encrypting user traffic, giving you complete anonymity, and ensuring that all data and web browsing are always in a state of absolute security. Does this sound like a real ninja being invisible? No matter where he breaks into any website, he will not be found.

To this end, AdGuard VPN has a massive infrastructure with 50 server stations on all continents of the world. With so many servers, AdGuard VPN lets you automatically get the perfect virtual IP, creating a realistic wrapper to mask your real IP and physical presence. From there, the process of accessing the network and performing all tasks on the Internet is completely secure. At the same time, no spyware or hacker can access your data to attack and infiltrate the device.

AdGuard VPN itself has a policy that prohibits the collection and sharing of all users’ personal data. Even if you do not save usage history or access it as an application log. All your data and cookies on the Internet are 100% safe at all times, even if you use a public Wi-Fi network or perform risky tasks such as transferring money online or shopping online.

AdGuard VPN, “professional ninja” can break into any website

Just like professional ninjas, AdGuard VPN users are always backed by a powerful proprietary protocol that gives unlimited access to any website on the network, any Internet address, and any social networking site.

Whether or not you are located in a prohibited country/region with multiple firewalls, you can use continuously generated IP to pretend to be in a different geographical location outside the firewall area. It’s assigned by AdGuard VPN for unrestricted access even if you’re going to access restricted websites. It is worth mentioning that for each website visited, AdGuard VPN supports pushing the access speed to the highest level, thus maximizing the efficiency of network access in all situations.

Use on multiple devices

With AdGuard VPN, you can support up to 10 devices simultaneously. To use, simply download the AdGuard VPN app to create a unique account on AdGuard VPN. From here you can access this account on any device. Imagine 10 devices using the same AdGuard VPN account at the same time and still being able to achieve the fastest and maximum access speed for all website addresses. Even so, the data on the device and the access process are always protected. Therefore, AdGuard VPN is ideal for users who use multiple devices.


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AdGuard VPN features an inspiring ninja design, intuitive layout, and simple features that are easy to use. The app works well with unlimited network access, is much faster than usual, and remains secure and reliable at all times.


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