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adidas Training is a fitness app that makes you more motivated to exercise properly.

adidas Training is a fitness app with video tutorials and workout plans for everyone!

Introduction of adidas Training app

Exercising at home has many benefits. It saves on commuting to fitness centers, saves money, and you can do it indoors whenever you have free time. Exercising at home is convenient, but not everyone can stick it out. The biggest barriers for those who choose to exercise at home are scheduling, detailed workout plans, time-consuming search for the right video tutorials, and motivation to exercise.

How do you monitor yourself to exercise regularly at certain times of the day? 

How to pay attention to the part of fat need to increase or decrease correctly?

If you choose the wrong exercise method, not only the effect of exercise is bad, but also will bring a lot of health problems.

To exercise at home effectively and scientifically, you need to prepare yourself with a reputable and quality mobile online exercise guidance app, such as adidas Training app.

What is adidas Training app?

It’s a mobile fitness app. The highlight of the Adidas Training app is the ability to create a smart exercise plan tailored to each person’s physical needs. In addition, the Adidas Training app is also where you can watch plenty of instructional videos along with in-depth explanations of each fitness move.

In addition, the Adidas Training app supports users to create or customize exercises that are more suitable for them based on the suggested exercises provided in the app.

You can also view the statistics of the training process and measure the workout effect by the weight parameters and body measurements entered after a long practice.

Practice alone

One of the first challenges when exercising at home is that you often don’t have your own personalized workout. The Adidas Training app will help you solve this problem.

When you first start using the app, there will be a series of questions, such as measurements of various parts of your body, desires, and goals. When you complete these questions, the app will automatically filter, use metrics, calculate, and give you a specific exercise plan that fits your goals and balances your current physical condition.

Corresponding to the exercise plan provided by the APP, there will be high-definition instructional videos with experts explaining the movements and key highlights in detail.

With this scientific route to exercise, you can exercise anywhere, indoors, outdoors, at the gym or while traveling. Exercise with all tools: towels, MATS, weights, resistance bands…

A variety of personalized exercises to meet a variety of needs

If you don’t want to follow the recommended route in the app, you can consider doing a solo workout in the adidas Training app.

Currently, the app has over 180 exercises ranging from basic to advanced, and from gentle movements to intensive exercises like push-ups and squats. There are also exercises by body part and goal, such as abdominal exercises, muscle building exercises, thigh exercises, hip exercises… You can find your own practice here. Of course, each exercise is accompanied by a detailed video tutorial.

What’s in the premium package of adidas Training app?

With the app’s advanced plan, in addition to all the main features you can get above, there’s a “Workout Creator” feature that lets you create your own workouts by adding, removing, or combining them with other workouts to create workouts that better suit your body. This is a very useful feature for fitness instructors or yoga teachers who want to perform exercises for their students in the most effective and scientific way.

In the adidas Training Premium package, you can also get regular detailed statistics showing the results of your training as well as tips for future training. This is a good basis for you to track your progress, and you’ll be more motivated by the positive results you’ve just achieved.

This app also connects to Wear OS smartwatches and Chromecast for your convenience


Download adidas Training MOD & APK for Android

The adidas Training app is more than just a workout app, it is a companion on the fitness path and a rigorous PT that helps you achieve your desired fitness goals. Don’t hesitate, please. Come and download it.


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