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Adobe Acrobat Reader is an online editing, PDF editing application developed by the famous US software corporation Adobe. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the world’s most trusted PDF reader and PDF editor with more than 635 million downloads and more than 5 million positive reviews from user reviews on Google Play.

View, annotate, add comments, share and sign documents — all in one application. You can store your files online and read them anytime, anywhere.


Introduction to Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader application has long been a well-established brand, and it is favored by office users and media editors. I believe that this PDF reader and editor is one of the essential word processing software on your computer. Over time, Adobe has also developed on mobile platforms, bringing convenience and flexibility to users.


A friendly mobile PDF reader application

It has to be said that almost everyone, not only office workers, does format conversion through PDF documents. It exists in everyday life, such as creating documents, making tables or producing annual reports, financial reports, university student assignments, etc., all of which have to be handled using PDF files.

Although Microsoft’s software also supports word processing like Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is much less professional and user-friendly, creating difficulties for users. Because of this, Adobe has become increasingly popular, becoming the leading PDF editing application trusted by billions of users worldwide.


Functional diversity of reading

From the first minute you open it, you’ll immediately see the 3 main features of Adobe Acrobat Reader including: creating, reading and editing PDF. Each of these features is customized and optimized to allow users to tweak and polish their PDF files in a number of different ways.

To read any PDF document, users simply launch the app or click on a link to start displaying the text. Going deeper, you can grant memory access to the app’s administrator, and Adobe Acrobat Reader will automatically scan the entire list and then automatically display the PDF folder in your smartphone, without having to do the step-by-step manual process as before.

Moreover, the control interface of the reading function is also designed to be simple and delicate, convenient and professional, and very friendly to all users.

In addition, in this mobile version, developers have integrated the ability to populate the screen with text, notes, tags, and signatures, which is very modern. It has to be said that with these powerful improvements, Adobe Reader has surpassed other big names such as Foxit Reader or WPS Office in quality.


Create and edit PDF files with ease

The ability to generate PDF text is strong, with the ability to not only create white or blank text, but also freely customize it like a regular full design document. Users can easily and quickly add image files, GIFs, doc files and create PDFS from them.

Not only that, but the method is very simple. You just select the output and input to convert the PDF, and Adobe Acrobat Reader does the rest automatically. Going deeper, this app also allows users to change text size, font size, colors, and layout no less than any popular Office browser.


Export & import files quickly from various sources

With the rapid development of the digital era, cloud storage technology has now become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. It helps us to share and store all data formats without having to store them via hard drives, which was inconvenient and cumbersome as before.

Adobe Acrobat Reader also integrates this advanced feature, making it very fast and flexible for you to download files and save them on the cloud server. Users can even link to other cloud accounts (such as OneDrive or Google Drive) to connect and share data with Adobe.


Share everything with a single task

In addition to creating, enabling reading, and editing PDF data, the ability to share via a single task with Adobe Acrobat Reader is a significant advantage. Users can share or receive other people’s data with friends and relatives through the share button in the lower left corner of the screen, which is very fast and convenient, similar to the sharing function on social networks.



From now on, features and functions from Adobe’s Fill & Sign app are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Fill, sign, and send any form fast and reliably. Moreover, You can take a picture of a paper form and fill it in on your phone or tablet computer, then e-sign and send. It’s so easy: a physical document is no longer necessary.


Download Adobe Acrobat Reader MOD & APK for Android

In summary, Adobe Acrobat Reader is an excellent office application. This browser will become your best assistant for processing and creating PDF documents, with many advanced features that few reader apps can offer for mobile platforms.


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