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In this day and age, taking a good photo on social media is like putting on makeup in real life. That’s why we need a good “partner” to help us look better online. Adobe Capture is here to be your best partner.


   Introduction to Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture is a color and texture creation tool. On mobile devices, you can create your own attractive color pallets and textures to edit images later.


  • What is Adobe Capture?

There are many convenient mobile image editing apps out there, but you may encounter duplicate situations because many other people are using the same thing as you. If you want to get a high degree of personalization with your own unique attractive textures and unique color palette, you’ll need a different tool than what you know. Maybe only Adobe Capture can do this.

Adobe Capture is an app that helps you create color palettes, 2D and 3D textures that you use to edit your photos and turn them into unique works of art.


  • Capture light and color

Are you a fan of photography? With Adobe Capture, you can quickly capture light and color, turning them into stunning effects for photos and videos. The beauty and romance of a sunset can now be frozen into eternity, not just a moment. Now, with Adobe Capture, many other unimaginable things are possible.


  • Color function: Color the image

One of the most prominent aspects of Adobe Capture is the color feature. This feature helps you manually create an RGB or gradient palette (gradient effect) for later editing as a filter for your phone photos. Just choose the color, blend it as needed, and then with just a few operations, you’re ready to create a quality filter for yourself.


  • Shape function: Create a sketch for an image

Adobe Capture also has an attractive Shape feature. When you select this feature, your image will lose all color, leaving only the corresponding lines and vector lines of the details. Your photo instantly turns into a cool art sketch.

From here, you can either leave it as it is or actively recolor to create a brand new image to your liking.


  • Typing function: find and identify fonts

In a scan, sometimes things become blurry and hard to see. You can use Adobe Capture to identify fonts more clearly. Adobe Capture works by scanning an image, then identifying and returning the corresponding font in the app store. This will help you get pictures with clearer, sharper text.


  • Pattern function: Create texture for the image

In Adobe Capture’s Pattern feature, you can actively create patterns and textures to your liking. From existing images, create unique lines, patterns and art at will. With just a few easy steps, you can use some delicate patterns for later photo editing. Be creative, borderless, and win thousands of likes.


  • Material Function: Create 3D textures

Not only 2D patterns, Adobe Capture can also support the creation of interesting 3D textures and shapes that are stitched together from the textures in the image. These shapes, when used in conjunction with the 2D textures above, will create a myriad of artistic images if used correctly.


  • Brush function: Create art painting style images

Adobe Capture’s brushes will help you transform images into artistic brush strokes. With just a few touches of the screen, you can turn real people into lacquer paintings, watercolors, sketches… . The results are sometimes surprisingly attractive.


  • Synchronization of video works

Finished artwork created with Adobe Capture is immediately saved to the Adobe Creative Cloud library. From here, you can access and view everything you’ve done on any app you entered into your Adobe Creative Cloud account.



Adobe Capture gives you the power to turn the world around you into creative art. With just a few taps on the screen, you can turn your photos into attractive pieces. A simple way to edit photos, but with a unique aesthetic.


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