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Powerful mobile web file downloader!

Advanced Download Manager is an application that supports downloading and managing files before and after downloading. The app is useful for those who are often in office and need to download a lot of documents from the Internet.


  Introduction to Advanced Download Manager


Some web browsers support downloading files from the web to your device, but only at the basic level. If you often need to Download multiple files and formats from the Internet at the same time, you should use an application that specializes in this function, such as the powerful mobile web file downloader – Advanced Download Manager! .


  • The number and speed of file downloads in Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager can help you download 3 files on the Internet at the same time with no restrictions on file size and format. You can use this application if the file size is too large or you need to divide it into several parts during the download process when you needs. You can also divide it into up to 9 parts to increase the download speed.


  • Stability

Advanced Download Manager also ensures that the file download process is always accurate and stable. Even if a task is interrupted or the battery runs out, after turning on the device, the app resumes the download process after pausing without affecting the file quality or format being downloaded.


  • How to download files?

  1. The file Download operation in Advanced Download Manager is also quite simple. You simply copy the link from the web or clipboard, paste it into the app’s download box, and click the download button. The download process will proceed immediately. You can easily see the progress and completion of your downloads through the always-visible progress bar at the bottom of the screen (even if you’ve switched to another task on your device).
  2. Upon completion, Advanced Download Manager will actively alert the user by sound or vibration. You just have to open the file and use it for your purposes.


  • Manage files before and after downloading

  1. Advanced Download Manager is also a browser that supports post-download file management. Specifically, you can copy or save the download list and save it in your device’s storage space. Or whenever you need to download files regularly, you can proactively set a download schedule based on your own time.
  2. Before you click the Download button, you can place the file you want to download in a folder in the application information box. Once the download is complete, if you want to change where these    files are saved, you can also go to the corresponding folder on the app to rename or change the file location, similar to what you can do on a PC.
  3. On Advanced Download Manager, this process is very simple. The downloaded files are always organized and tidy, which makes it easier to find them later.


  • Personalization – Customizable interfaces and themes

Advanced Download Manager has several interface themes for you to change the application interface. If you don’t like these available templates, you can choose a theme and customize its color to your liking, then apply it to your application. We think user personalization is also a way to keep you entertained while using mobile apps.


  Download Advanced Download Manager MOD & APK for Android


Advanced Download Manager is a powerful mobile file downloader. Using this app, you’ll save a lot of time and effort when you need to download large files from websites, such as music clips, audio, video, and image sets. Moreover, the Download process of Advanced Download Manager is smooth, stable and secure, and there is almost no delay or file damage after downloading.


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