AetherSX2 v1.4-3064 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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The AetherSX2 turns your phone into a PS2 console. Are you ready to experience those unforgettable and wonderful classic games again?

The AetherSX2 helps you turn your phone into a powerful PS2 console, from which you can play most classic games.


  Introduction to AetherSX2


SONY’s consoles have gone through multiple stages of development. To date, the Tower has great size, powerful hardware, and excellent design in the PlayStation 5 system, which is a big difference from previous models. A PS5 with new power is obviously every console gamer’s wish, but not all games will be playable on this console. After the migration to the PS5, a lot of games from previous models will no longer be available, especially for older consoles like the PSP, PS2, etc.


  • There are two ways to resolve this dilemma:

  1. Wait for the developer to remake it for PS5 (if you have a PS5 at home).
  2. Replay your once favorite mobile games with the help of the console simulator app.

     If you want to replay popular PS2 games without a console at home, then you can download the AetherSX2 using your current smartphone.


  • What is AetherSX2?

AetherSX2 is a PS2 console simulator app for Android mobile devices. With this app, you will quickly turn your phone into a dedicated gaming console that can handle almost all PS2 games smoothly.

Of course, both smoothness and flexibility depend on the model and hardware. However, the AetherSX2 offers quite a bit of support in terms of processing input and extracting audio images, best of all, helping to maximize gaming performance on every phone.

According to the developers, using the AetherSX2 on a high-end mobile device equivalent to Snapdragon 845 or higher will result in higher performance. Under that, I don’t think you should enable multithreaded VU as it will affect the game processing performance of the app and the phone too much. Devices with Mali or PowerVR Gpus are also compatible with the AetherSX2, but the performance is much lower than that of the Adreno GPU.


  • Simulate the console on a mobile device

Install and start using AetherSX2, and you’re off to a real PS2 console. The AetherSX2 has high system simulation capability, reproducing the entire interface of the game console on the screen. If you have a controller, the whole thing is like a miniature PS2, right at your hands.

The AetherSX2 supports touch screens and Bluetooth controllers, so you can fully bring PS2 control to life on your phone.


  • What about the rendering of images and sounds?

With the AetherSX2, you don’t have to worry about image and sound quality. As long as the device hardware is powerful enough to run the large tasks required by application developers. For the rest, the AetherSX2 itself can handle OpenGL, Vulkan, and Software. As a result, the graphics in PS2 games played through the AetherSX2 perform well both in terms of animation and colour, with screen speeds up to 1080p and can go much higher than 1080p on high-end devices.


  • Other support functions for the game process

When playing PS2 games with the AetherSX2, you can control them either directly using the simulator button on your phone’s screen or via a Bluetooth connection to your phone’s controller. When playing, you can save the current state at any time to continue playing when you return, without worrying about losing your previous progress.


  • What formats does AetherSX2 support?

The AetherSX2 is highly compatible and can handle almost any PS2 game you download from a third party, in any file format: iso/chd/cso.


  • Attention

Note that there are no games in the app itself. AetherSX2 allows you to play games that already exist on your device or that have been copied from a disc to your device. To download games to devices, players can use conversion tools such as ImgBurn. Game files saved to your computer in this form will usually have an.iso extension, and you can then copy the file to the device via USB.

You can play PS2 ROM for free.



Whenever you want to replay a popular PS2 game but can’t find the mobile version and you don’t have a remastered console, you can get the experience of an old console game on your mobile device with AetherSX2.


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