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Use advanced artificial intelligence technology to edit images with natural cartoon anime style


Introduction to AI Mirror

The development of animation and anime has triggered a boom in the creation of mock avatars, this has led to a number of applications. However, their image processing time is too long and the resulting image is somewhat distorted. Sometimes users can’t recognize it as a familiar silhouette. AI Mirror has overcome these shortcomings to become one of the most popular anime character apps among young people today. Now let’s take a look at the application.


  • Quick to form

Unlike previous AI image editing applications, the wait was long and wasted a lot of time. Now, with AI Mirror, simply take a selfie from the app or upload an existing photo to instantly get an AI image that’s exclusive to you. It can be done almost instantly. It’s not magic, and it’s all thanks to AI Mirror’s state-of-the-art AI technology.

With AI Mirror, you hardly have to spend time waiting around and don’t have to worry about your device heating up or consuming a lot of power like many other AI photo editing apps. From image processing, conversion to 2D and 3D animation styles, post-editing, and sharing the finished photos directly in AI Mirror, everything was done smoothly and comfortably.

If you’re looking for a cute, natural animation-style image editing app and expect a sharp makeover in a negligible amount of time, AI Mirror is always your first choice.


  • Build advanced science and technology animation

Photo editing and beautification in AI Mirror are still based on the self-learning ability of AI technology. However, the resulting images are not overly altered. Even if you appear in a new anime form, you will still recognize yourself at a glance. That’s what makes this AI anime photo editor so special.


  • Create an animated image for your character

No matter what your purpose in creating animation is: want a slightly weird new avatar, tease your best friend, or try to see what it will look like when you step into the world of animation, AI Mirror has all the basic features to meet your needs.


  • Change face

In addition, AI Mirror has a unique feature that helps you explore the AI’s visual power more deeply – face swapping. The tool is designed to help you turn your face into someone else’s or change the face of a certain celebrity to bring fun to friends and family.


  • Variety of styles

AI Mirror also has a full suite of cartoonish filters. This filter set offers a variety of cartoon styles, moods, and colors, and with just a touch of press, you can instantly choose your favorite cartoon hue.


  • Experience all the cute 3D animation styles

AI Mirror is not limited to 2D animation, but also offers an impressive 3D animation style. The AI built into the Mirror is advanced enough to turn flat faces into three-dimensional full faces, like stepping out of a real 3D cartoon.


  • With your friends

Not only your personal photos, but also your photos with 2-3 subjects, such as loved ones, friends or pets, can be instantly transformed into excellent 3D animated versions through AI Mirror’s signature AI art generator function. Pets alone will turn into elf friends you’ve never seen before.

Once you’ve tried creating a profile picture with a selfie, you can also try converting photos taken with friends, pets or a group of people. You will be amazed at the vivid 3D animation effect this application brings.


  • Convenience

Once the image conversion process is complete, the application will create a satisfactory animated image. You can edit it more using the app and add some static or dynamic stickers if you want. You can then instantly share this funny image on popular social networks, which you can send via an online messaging app, send via email, or save it to your computer for viewing. Sharing and saving can also be done smoothly directly on the app.


Download AI Mirror here now

Change the mood with funny cartoon avatars sometimes, send them to your best friend or send them to your loved one. In this way, AI orthotics apps, and especially the AI Mirror itself, are adding color to your daily life, making you happier and more loving. Download AI Mirror here now.


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