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Are you always annoyed by the sound of your alarm clock when it goes off every morning? Or does a regular alarm clock not work for you?

Let Alarmy help you start your day with excitement and spirit. In this way, work and study efficiency will be greatly improved. This app will wake users up in a way that is both vivid and warm.

Introduction to Alarmy

Alarmy uses a gentle and special way to wake you up and get you energized to start the day!


  • Wake up in a different way

You might think an alarm app is unnecessary, after all, what phone doesn’t have an alarm clock? But what if this standalone alarm clock app could give you a fresh and energized morning instead of waking up lifeless like a machine? That’s the difference between using and not using specialized alarm clock software like Alarmy.

If you feel tired every time you wake up on time, or the alarm that came with your phone doesn’t get you up, try using Alarmy.

Smart alarm clocks have many interesting features, such as Alarmy can change your life in some way, because from here you will wake up in a completely different way. A good morning will bring a good mood for the whole day. Alarmy is not just a regular alarm clock, but a clock with a lot of information.

Alarmy can gently wake your mind from a deep sleep and also help your whole body kick off in an energetic and healthy way. The unique alert ringtones included in the app can be customised to correspond to many different tasks, offering different melodic ringtones and a variety of other extra features. All of this makes your mornings easier than ever.


  • Special mission

The most important feature of Alarmy is that it allows you to choose your own missions according to your preferences. One task or a combination of tasks will provide a fresh start to the day.


  1. Alarmy currently has a math task that provides you with a number of mind-puzzling problems ranging from simple to advanced so that your brain can focus on storing energy and be fully awake.
  2. The Shake your Phone task will require you to shake your phone up to 999 times to turn off the alarm. When you finish your task, it’s also time to wake up.
  3. The Photo Task will help you wake up and take a selfie or any other photo, and then the alarm will stop.
  4. The barcode/QR code task requires you to scan the barcode or QR code to “lock your mouth” to the alert sound.
  5. You can choose Memory Game to play Memory Colored Tiles, a mini game that turns off the alarm by matching them correctly.t
  6. There’s the “step” task, where you have to put your feet on the ground and take 10-20-50 steps before the alarm stops.

Not only can you choose one of the many missions in Alarmy, you can combine 2-3 of your favorites in a row to achieve a fully awakened state of mind each morning.

Customize tasks according to your own characteristics and preferences, which helps users activate their body and mind in a way that is acceptable to them and wake them up slowly. Have you ever seen someone awaken themselves in such a creative way?


  • Alarmy melodious sound of sleep

Alarmy also allows users to use a special sound called a “sleep sound” to set as an alarm sound. This melodious sound, played in a clear environment with 8 different sound levels, can both help you sleep better at night and wake up sweetly in the morning.

You’d be hard-pushed to find this particular sound setting in any default mobile alarm clock or app other than Alarmy.


  • Early rise record

As a kind of diary to record the user’s mood when they wake up, Alarmy provides users with a morning log function. Specifically, you can record all your emotions when you wake up in the morning and turn off the alarm from the app.

With these notes, you can review how you woke up and rested to start your day. The results will be more interesting than you think!


Download Alarmy  MOD  & APK for Android

Alarmy is for people who want to wake up in the morning in their own comfort.

Just download this lightweight app and you can start your day more cheerful and enthusiastic.


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