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Alight Motion — The # 1 professional and useful motion design app on Android!

About Alight Motion

The world of graphic design and image and video editing is gradually invading our lives. However, finding a graphic design app specifically for mobile phones is not a straightforward issue. But fear not, now you have Alight Motion, an extremely intelligent app that supports you in the process of graphic design, image and video editing, and effect creation. It is therefore born, and is loved by the majority of users. Nowadays, people are gradually using Alight Motion more, not only because of its multitasking, but also because of its super convenience. Let’s find out what’s interesting and fascinating about Alight Motion.

What is Alight Motion?

This is an application dedicated to users who need to design images and videos in motion graphics and add effects to their images/videos to create perfect products. The app allows you to get creative in any form, as its features are created and updated daily. You can use it easily and do not encounter any problems during the design process.

Keyframe animation support tool

This is a tool that enables you to design video and image frames. This feature allows you to edit each video frame and freely add and customize elements to create your favorite video. Moreover, it supports the creation of beautiful and attractive effects.

You can also edit the main object and its location. Come to Alight Motion, you have absolute control to edit the most impressive videos.

A tool that provides visual effects

Alight Motion offers thousands of available effects, such as hot colors, exposure, tones, highlights, and shadows, to aid users in the video editing process. When these effects are applied to videos, they create a more professional, modern, and beautiful feel. Moreover, the app can support you to control the color of the video as well as the display of the video in the best way.

Multiple fonts

Alight Motion supports updating up to 2,000 different fonts for you to choose from. Due to the structure and nature of each video, you can free up your creativity from the available fonts or create your own suitable fonts.

Export in multiple formats

Alight Motion supports export format tools so you can easily export videos or images in many different formats such as MP4, XML, PNG, JPEG… Moreover, with a simple and optimized interface, users will easily use and create comfortable design Spaces.

Some great features unique to Alight Motion that you need to know

With more than 160 effects and image correction filters, users will have more choice and more freedom when designing products. They are never limited by anything.

Alight Motion helps users easily store products created on this app. Users won’t have to worry about losing their designs as Alight Motion will help them control their products in the best way possible.

You can merge multiple videos as well as easily edit the colors in the videos.

Finally, Alight Motion also gives you more support in hybrid modes, vector graphics tools, speed-based motion blur, easy-to-edit bookmarks, grouping and masking, and animation reduction. In addition, it helps you evenly shade and gradient colors, link layers, and create multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio.

About Alight Motion Pro MOD APK version

In this version, users will be provided with more advanced features than the normal version. All Pro features will be unlocked, and users will have more tools to edit videos more professionally. Also, the provider’s logo and watermark will disappear. This is an upgraded version. You have to pay for it.

As with other upgraded apps, you won’t have to encounter any ads in the Pro MOD APK version. So, you can consider the benefits of this upgraded version to sign up!

Download Alight Motion APK and mods for Android

Alight Motion is an app that supports editing videos, images, and designing motion graphics in the fastest way possible on your phone. Many of the excellent features of this app mentioned above will surely give you a wonderful experience and the best support during your use. So please download the app now to experience and share it with everyone around you!


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