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Alpha Backup Pro v34.0.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Alpha Backup Pro is an app for managing, backing up, and restoring data on your Android device. Install Alpha Backup Pro on your phone, and you’ll share and back up data more easily.

Introduction to Alpha Backup Pro

Manage and back up Android device data!


As an integrated management tool

Alpha Backup Pro is a data backup app on Android devices, but first and foremost, it’s a comprehensive management tool for all your other data and apps on your mobile device. With Alpha Backup Pro, you can keep everything on your computer in different, ordered locations.

From there, the current application can be easily transformed into a system application and vice versa when needed. You can reset the Settings for each application individually, removing the garbage created during application usage. Or you can also release/unfreeze applications on your device.

Although Alpha Backup Pro’s app management features don’t interfere with the details too much, overall, it will help you better systematize the growing set of apps on your device. As long as the initial setup is standardized, everything will not be messy again.

Alpha Backup Pro can also help you clean up application and system junk with the built-in cache cleaner feature. Your device will clear the system cache, making work faster, smoother, and more efficient.

Backup, restore, and share data

The app management is neat, but Alpha Backup Pro’s main feature is to back up and restore all the data on your Android device.

Alpha Backup Pro’s data backup capabilities are quite impressive, working with almost all mobile data such as system applications, user applications, external application data, as well as all external data, including system Settings, contacts, call records, messages, pictures, file files, videos…

More than just restoring data and deleting apps by mistake, Alpha Backup Pro is a tool that helps you back up your data safely. With advanced automatic Backup capabilities, Alpha Backup Pro will support you to back up your applications, Settings, and all data formats (files, images, audio, video…) in your applications. .

If you don’t want to back up automatically, you can set up automatic backup of data items, other items will be backed up only when you specify more items, including internal storage, removable SD card, external USB… All of the above information and data that are automatically or selectively backed up and copied will be automatically sent to the designated user’s cloud storage, including Google Drive, DropBox, and portable hard drive.

Alpha Backup Pro also helps users backup data on a variety of Android devices, so that when you open it on any device, you get the same seamless data. It’s a good possibility if you lose your phone and lose a lot of data on it.

These backed up apps and data can be further shared with others via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, IR, and more.

The entire Backup process, whether automatic or custom and then shared to different sources, ensures the highest level of security and privacy, as Alpha Backup Pro features an advanced 256-bit AES encryption system built in.

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Easy to use interface, material design style, powerful backup function, extra functions and friendly customization. With Alpha Backup Pro, your data and all your applications will always have backup storage, and you’ll have greater peace of mind that no matter what the situation, it can still be recreated and used immediately without fear of loss or interruption.


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