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Always On: Edge Music Lighting is an app that decorates the bezel of your phone’s screen while using any music or entertainment movie app. By adding a more vivid silhouette, your leisure time will be even better.


 Always On: Edge Music Lighting Introduction


 Always On: Edge Music Lighting — A phone screen tone border decoration app!


  • Music and light are two things that are almost inseparable


The mobile screen of a smartphone is not only a function, but also a place that carries the owner’s color and aesthetic personality. Especially if you listen to music or watch movies. It’s a shame if the static screen only shows the album cover image or a monotone static image. Just when you want to be in the most “adventurous” mood, you find yourself staring at a boring screen.


At this point, you might want to do a few things to make your phone look more alive while listening to music. If you don’t know exactly what to do, try Always On: Edge Music Lights.


Do you know any special effects in bars, nightclubs, or discos? In addition to the music, there are lights. Light is the indispensable companion of music. It can help the listener feel the music more deeply, find resonance, and be more inspired when listening to the music. Each melody is played at a different speed, pitch and intensity, which penetrates not only the ear but also the eye for the ultimate visual and auditory experience.


With the same mindset in mind, the developers of Always On: Edge Music Lighting have created an app that aims to truly elevate the music experience for users on mobile devices.


  • What is Always On: Edge Music Lighting?


Always On: Edge Music Lighting is an app that creates borders on mobile screens based on music. That is, every time you listen to Music from any source On the web, on your computer, or on a popular online music platform, turn on Always On: Edge Music Lighting and you will immediately see a beautiful light outline at the edge of your screen.


Are you familiar with RGB lighting effects on modern electronics and peripherals? A range of more than 16.8 million vibrant colors has spawned a wide variety of color combinations and effects. Always on: The same richness can be achieved with edge music lighting.


When you listen to your Music and turn On Always On: Edge Music Lighting, you’ll get a premium music screen with a variety of different effect style options. Within each style, depending on the music you are listening to, the effects and lighting are very different each time, creating a lot of inspiration in the process of listening to the music.


  • Aesthetic factor enhancement


In addition to supporting the creation of many bold nuances that emphasize changes in your Music’s melody, Always On: Edge Music Lighting can also help you have a beautiful and stylish music phone screen.


No matter what effect you choose to use to show the light outline, what color style, rounded corners or create strong edges, and what music you’re listening to, Always On: Edge Music Lighting is everything, there is always a way for you to enjoy your music in a more beautiful and perfect way with carefully designed, modern and stylish fun lighting displays.


  • High compatibility


Always On: Edge Music Lighting accompanies you in most different online and offline music applications. Always On: Edge Music Lighting works smoothly with open music in both online and offline modes.


The light border effect persists even when the screen is off because it is always on: the edge music light has a screen saver. Not just the existing set of effects (e.g. Android 12 Clock, Eclipse Clock AOD, Flip Clock, Text Clock, Nike Watch Face, Blinky Animation, Retro 8-bit) Clock…) , developers are always adding more. AOD kits can be used independently or in combination with existing tools, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.


  • Free customization, follow one’s inclinations


While in use, you can also customize the screen using the app’s edit function if desired. In this AOD editing feature, Always On: Edge Music Lighting can be used with a visual design package created specifically for screen bezel edges. You are free to customize it until it suits your style.


Maximum and minimum color transition ranges from custom color, brightness, effect appearance, and AOD. Always on: Options in Edge Music lighting include tone elements (from the available palette), and adding your favorite custom palette from the outside. … It’s a very self-designed experience, which is one of the reasons many users choose Always On: Edge Music Lighting.


Sometimes to be more aesthetic and reasonable, you can choose the AOD color of your design from one or a set of colors available on the album cover (the cover image of the music playing on the device). When this mode is selected, “Always On: Edge Music Lighting” will automatically apply the color you specified on the app border effect that makes up the tune.


In the app’s home screen, you can also use the options again: select the music source to display, select the blur border, and keep the screen light during music playback. Finally, you can choose to blur the background or keep it fast or slow, or sometimes hide the display of full-screen apps (such as playing games, watching movies, etc.). This option assigns applications to the possibility that some applications are available.


 Download Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD & APK for Android


Minimalist interface, fast and easy to use, compatible with most online and offline Music sources, and highly customizable, aesthetically pleasing, Always On: Edge Music Lighting is the app you should install on your device starting today to ensure a more complete listening experience.


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