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Amaze File Manager has many amazing and interesting features!

Although released later than many other mobile File management apps, Amaze File Manager quickly received positive feedback from users and industry experts for its rare smart and flexible management features.

Let’s explore the prominent advantages of this application’s file management.


Introduction to Amaze File Manager


  • There are quite a few file management apps on Google Play, all of which are of good quality and have a large number of users, so they’re all within reach. It can be mentioned as ES File Explore, X-Plore File Manager, etc.


  • Amaze File Manager was just released not so long ago as a file management app, but in its short time has been highly appreciated and is able to stand on a par with the aforementioned apps. So, what is Amaze File Manager? The answer is as follows:


Intuitive and modern file management interface


  • Users have long been using file management applications that lack the intuitiveness and design of contemporary computers. Nowadays, everyone wants to find a document design application that is modern, centralized, easy to operate, and easy to manage and intuitive. Amaze File Manager fulfills these requirements.


  • Amaze File Manager collects all the content on your phone in one place and divides it up according to the many different criteria you choose, making management increasingly simple and quick. Despite its versatility, Amaze File Manager is simple and intuitive. Specifically, the app has soft blue and white tones, good contrast, concise layout, detailed information, and seamless connection between the home page and the subpages.


  • Users always have an easy and smooth experience when accessing the file management page on mobile devices. In addition, each is necessary and has a high frequency of use, always prioritizing visibility. So, with just one tap, you can immediately complete the tasks to be done without frequent searching or switching back and forth.


  • Thanks to this feature, Amaze File Manager initially overcomes the psychological barrier of ease of use.


Multi-Compatible and Multitasking


  • The next step in Amaze File Manager’s success is its multitasking and Multi-Compatible. Amaze File Manager has strong compatibility with many Android devices. Amaze File Manager also helps to share files via Windows protocols:  SMB brings many advantages to users and supports Root Explorer for Premium package users.


  • In use, Amaze File Manager can also support multi-task mode. This means that you can work on multiple tabs at once and use the app while watching a movie or listening to music, while still ensuring that tasks go smoothly.


How to manage files on Amaze File Manager?


  • After all the information files in all forms and formats are automatically brought into the application area, from here you can manage the files yourself through many different tasks.


  • At the grassroots level, similar to file management on a computer, you can move the location of any necessary file to another file by cutting or copy-pasting. Consider the existence of each file and decide whether to delete the temporary file, permanently delete it, or again undelete the previously deleted file. You can also rename files, edit multiple files to rename them in any order, or correct files that have been incorrectly named in a certain way.


  • For compressed files, Amaze File Manager can help you extract and save to a previously selected path, or perform the compression and then proactively send the file to the desired address or share it through other online applications.


  • The navigation bar and a series of task support tools in Amaze File Manager are arranged to be easy to view, easy to operate, and fast and powerful. Any process can be completed almost immediately.


  • Amaze File Manager also helps you create access history clusters that include pre-labeled files. It’s also a way to support searching for files by keyword or by folder name or previous favorites.


  • When you want to see an overview and details of the information file, you can use the optional display features provided in Amaze File Manager: by format, by Time, by Storage capacity and by name… Once selected, you can let the file display in grid or column format, depending on your preference.


  • Moreover, Amaze File Manager provides shortcut access to Drawers,  thereby helping users to download all media files most fast and conveniently.



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