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Android Auto

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Android Auto - Your intelligent driving assistant. It includes navigation, entertainment & communication functions.
Android Auto is an intelligent driving companion designed to help users stay connected, entertained and focused while on the go. It allows users to easily and securely access their favorite apps while driving using voice instructions and a simplified interface.

Users can access Android Auto simply by connecting their Android phone to the car's infotainment system using a high-quality USB cable. When connected, Android Auto displays a simplified version of the user's phone interface on the car's display, with clear, direct and easy access to applications via large screen buttons.

One of the main features of Android Auto is Google Assistant, which allows users to use voice commands to access functions, make calls, send and receive messages, and more. Users can simply say "Ok Google," then issue a command or ask a question, and the assistant will respond with a relevant answer or action.

Android Auto also allows users to manage their infotainment systems in new ways, with support for a wide range of music, radio, news, sports news, audiobooks and podcasts, and users can easily choose the apps they like.

To avoid distractions while driving, Android Auto allows users to set up custom "Do not Disturb" messages that will automatically send incoming calls and messages while driving. Once the user reaches the destination, any missed calls or messages can be easily accessed through Android Auto.

More than 400 models now support Android Auto, and users can check their owner's manual or contact their manufacturer to see if their car is compatible with Android Auto. With effective data connectivity and running, Android 6.0+ phone users can use Android Auto to stay connected and entertained while focusing on the road ahead.


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