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AndroVid Pro helps you to create many short videos that are used on social networks with better charm and artistry than the original version.


Introduction to AndroVid Pro

Edit videos and photos quickly, easily and pragmatically!


Easy to use video editing app

One of the common obstacles for users of mobile video and photo editing apps is that the operation is sometimes too complex and requires a long practice time. Even, there are many details in the application control process that make users dissatisfied.

AndroVid Pro overcomes this hurdle with a clean, minimalist interface design, a full feature set, and an easy-to-understand way to set it up. Almost anyone can do it the first time.

With the ability to edit videos and images quickly, simply, and intuitively, AndroVid Pro helps you get short works of art that convey a clear and beautiful message to post on popular social networks like YouTube or TikTok.


Basic editing of any video

First, every video has a basic set of editing features. With this kit you can freely flip, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, crop, crop and remove unnecessary details. AndroVid Pro supports not only normal clipping, but also detailed quantification of duration, enabling the right segments to be cut with high precision for cutting.

When you need to make a premise for a video merge, you can also split an existing video into smaller parts to use or connect with other short videos. After sub-video segmentation, HD picture quality or compatibility with the original video quality is guaranteed.


Merge video and audio

Once you’ve mastered short composited videos, with the help of dedicated clipping tools in AndroVid Pro, you can stitch them together as needed. Crosspoints will be filled with a range of cool transformations available in the app. After merging videos into videos, you can also merge music into any video that has songs available in the collection.

As for incorporating your favorite music into the video, you can make more detailed interventions, cut the music, fade in, fade out, adjust the music volume… Everything can be no problem, details to create art music videos.


Add details to any video or image

To add more energy, or to tell a small story through videos and images, you can add lots of fun details to your videos and photos. They can be text with personalized colored fonts, emojis, animated text, or funny stickers.

This is one of the simple but effective methods that is universally applied to image and video editing in AndroVid Pro.


Draw using anything from videos and photos

Not content with the details that can be added in the app, you can paint on your own videos and images with your own creativity. Strokes can create unique shapes, characters, or any other symbol. When drawing, you can adjust the color, width, thickness, transparency, brush style. There is also no limit on the number of drawings in the video, and you can draw any content you like in unlimited quantities.


Provides a variety of filters and effects

One of the next advantages of AndroVid Pro is having a variety of attractive filters and effects. They help you edit, overlay videos and images and create different effects in just 1-2 simple steps.

There are many beautiful color filters in AndroVid Pro for many different styles from modern to classic. The effects are equally rich, especially AndroVid Pro’s strong performance in FX effects, unique and attractive colors. Additionally, with AndroVid Pro, you can mix multiple filters and effects together to create a unique personal style of video editing.


Useful additional tools

In addition to the above features, when using AndroVid Pro, you can also take advantage of a range of very useful tools, such as changing the aspect ratio, creating a blurry background for a video, or applying the available background colors to an image.

With all the editing steps done, with just one or two clicks on the screen, you can instantly share the finished product to social networks like YouTube or TikTok.

AndroVid Pro is also a neat place to help you manage all the videos on your device. Easily manage all your videos in one place, rename, move folders, delete, sort, list videos, and even be able to restore previously completely deleted videos. This set of management features is also a very impressive tool for AndroVid Pro.



With AndroVid Pro, you don’t have to worry about video creation, dubbing, or editing of videos and images. Downloading this application and its friendly interface will help you do all the necessary things quickly, helping boost the visibility of your photos and videos on social networks.


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