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If you need to listen to music online, you can download Anghami to use it.
Anghami is an online music app that offers a free music store and also offers multiple genres and multiple packages that cater to all needs.

 1. Introduction to Anghami

The music experience you deserve is at Anghami!

  • What is Anghami?

Anghami is a free online music player application with a rich music store of all genres. Anghami is trusted and loved by many, Because it offers service packages for a variety of needs at affordable prices.

  • Guess what you like with personalized Settings

With Anghami, you can quickly search for your favorite music and the system will automatically push you music that suits your unique taste. And you can manage playlists, share, and curate your favorite music the way you want.

  • Does Anghami work?

There will always be a need to listen to music anytime, anywhere. This is the main driver of the top free online music stores today. If you have any needs related to a slightly specific genre of music, such as Jazz, Rock, Soul, Blues, Reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop, Disco or any kind of music in the world. Then you need to find an app that contains all the above types of music and is available for daily listening, such as Anghami.

  • Music playing experience

Anghami is one of the most downloaded online music streaming applications on mobile platforms. Anghami’s music playback speed is 320Kb/s(a staggering number), and Anghami’s sound quality is excellent, giving you a complete music experience.

Get suggested, actively gather, and create your own best-loved playlist
One of Anghami’s great features is that it has tools to help users compose their favorite songs and create playlists based on their mood, events, or interesting topics.

Anghami also has a special ability to teach himself intelligently. It remembers each user’s search history and music playback history, aggregating information to “know” each user’s taste in music. Based on this, Anghami will actively recommend the most integrated, current and suitable music for each user.

❤ Specifically, Anghami can help you collect:

– All the songs, albums, and podcasts you love
– Create your own playlist
– Recommend songs that match your musical taste
– Update the trend and spread the love of music
– One of the highlights of the online music app is the update of the music store. Anghami also does a good job of adding the latest songs, the latest versions of music by popular artists, and the hottest -playlists every day.

  • Diversity of content

With Anghami’s global music library currently featuring over 57 million Arabic and international songs, thousands of podcasts, and hundreds of playlists, you will be able to enjoy the best music experience on a music player that is unique in both form and content.

Anghami can also help you follow your favorite artists, stay abreast of the latest music trends, and always post information about new music, new songs, and the latest podcast episodes for free. Then you can easily share the music to your family and friends via Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Messenger.

Also, when using Anghami, you can listen through multiple devices: your Android or Android Wear device, or listen to music through Chromecast or Android TV for a better experience.

  • Turn your phone into a convenient radio

Anghami can also turn your phone into a radio for any mood, and always accompany you. Through the app, you can listen to Tarab live radio or invite your friends to join Kpop, pop, or hip-hop radio while enjoying the same music.

  • Get all the advanced features via Anghami Plus

The basic Anghami package that is free to download, will give you a rich music store, but there are still many functions that are not available. About this, you can use the full set of functions from basic to advanced for a fee with Anghami Plus.

❤ Key features of the Anghami Plus package:

– Download any song, podcast, album, or playlist
– Download your favorite music and listen to it offline.
– Listen to unlimited music online
– Back to the beginning of the song
– Find your favorite song again
– Play any song, artist, podcast, album, video, or playlist you like
– Listen to totally ad-free music
– Listen to music, listen to podcasts, high sound quality, good transmission
– Listen to live radio from the song queue or home page, your own FM radio.
– Upload any mp3 song from your device to the Anghami library to get to your favorite playlists.
– Anghami Plus Family Plan: This Plus service plan can be used for up to 6 separate accounts at the same time. Everyone has their own freedom and their own choice of music. The package is perfect for families or for using the app with a group of friends.

Anghami Plus Student Package: Access to music, student privileges and musical entertainment for a small fee throughout the year.

 2. Download the Anghami MOD & APK for Android

Anghami is a place where you can find all the music you love, follow iconic artists from around the world to follow your music trends, and listen to free radio. There are also many different service packages depending on the unique needs of the family or individual.
If you need to listen to music online, you can download Anghami to use it.


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