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Do you want to watch anime with subtitles for free on your phone?
Anime TV is an app to watch anime with online subtitles from Indonesia. You can use it on your mobile phone to watch tons of HD anime for free. If you are an Anime fan and want to watch recently updated movies with subtitles, you should install Anime TV on your device.

 1. About Anime TV

We will introduce Anime TV to you from the following aspects:

  • What is Anime TV?

You have a strong passion for anime and Japanese-style animation but you can hardly find a platform to watch with good quality, easy control, and free to use on mobile. Then it’s time to try Anime TV.

Anime TV is an app to watch anime movies with subtitles for free on mobile with quite a huge anime store with full HD image standards.The process of watching anime at Anime TV is also supported with many features included.

The experience of watching Anime through Anime TV makes many users feel comfortable and stable. From now on, you can watch anime completely free on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

  • Impressive and diverse anime store

To cater to all the Anime viewing needs of the global audience, Anime TV has a huge anime film store with over 30,000 different anime titles. These are all the latest and best-selling anime works, collected from many reliable sources. Anime TV is updated almost 24 hours a day with new episodes and movies, helping you always find what you want the first time.

What the world has, you also have, instantaneously and with high quality.

From romantic anime, school to horror, action, comedy, adventure, surrealism, fantasy… The Anime store in Anime TV includes various types of anime, which fully meets the needs of users to watch movies


Especially famous series that are legendary in the field or made based on some special theme will be highlighted separately so that users can easily find them on the main interface of the app. Contains the latest series and anime series, complete content. This ensures that you can get the latest, recent content and keep up with other viewers around the world.

  • High quality anime animation with full subtitles and voiceovers

All animations on Anime TV are broadcast in full HD, providing users with a complete and perfect viewing experience. When watching Anime on Anime TV, you can easily choose to watch movies with voice-over or subtitles. You can customize how the anime content is displayed simply by selecting from the Settings in the control bar at the bottom of the movie screen you’re watching. This toolbar lists all the basic methods, such as play, pause, select episodes, subtitle, or voice-over. All you have to do is choose and get the desired viewing mode instantly.

During viewing, you can adjust and reset parameters such as volume adjustment, subtitle font style, movie tone, subtitles, clarity, etc., for a comfortable viewing effect. Everything can be done with simple touch screen gestures.

In addition, Anime TV supports saving viewing history and a list of favorite movies. By watching the history record, you can review the movies you’ve watched and keep them there to remind you of your anime journey. In particular, the favorite movie list is where you can mark your likes and save all the episodes, and returning to this list will help you shorten the time it takes to search again in the app.

  • Find anime by a variety of criteria

Anime TV has a lot of titles. As a result, the app offers different ways to filter, select, and search for movies so that everyone can easily find the right movie title.

You can start a smart search by entering a keyword in the search box of the application. You can also rely on the available categories in Anime TV to narrow your search if you are unclear or can’t remember the keywords for the movies.

You can also search more easily through the information tools provided in Anime TV when you know other ancillary information such as year of release, country/region, director, etc.

The search results obtained will be recorded by the app’s deep learning AI. On the second search, search results that are similar or exactly the same as your favorite genre will appear first at the top, helping users shorten the time to find a movie and still choose the right one for their preferences.

2. Download Anime TV MOD & APK for Android

Anime TV is the anime watching app that you should install on your phone to enjoy the magical world of anime to the Max. The movie download speed is fast and the transmission is stable. There is no delay or long wait when downloading movies. In addition, the interface is easy to view and easy to use. You can watch the hottest anime series anytime, as the app is updated daily.
Download Anime TV and from now on, you can watch anime completely free on your mobile phone.


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