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 AnTuTu Benchmark will help you measure phone performance, so you can easily compare specifications between phones and find the best one for you.


 Introduction to AnTuTu Benchmark

 AnTuTu Benchmark is a software that helps users accurately measure the performance and specifications of mobile phones!


  • When should you measure phone performance?


 In many cases, you’ll need a sheet detailing your phone’s specifications so that you can easily compare it to another phone when you buy or replace it. Of course, you can get some information from the  seller or product listing, but with older used phones, there’s a considerable risk.


 Determining the performance of your mobile device can also help you understand if the phone you are using is suitable for playing, downloading, and performing some special tasks or needs to rely on cloud or external storage.


 In all these cases, you’ll need a tool to accurately measure the overall performance and display the phone’s detailed specifications. Based on this, one of the most commonly used tools today is AnTuTu Benchmark.


  • What are the advantages of AnTuTu Benchmark?


 Compared to apps with similar functions, AnTuTu Benchmark’s evaluation results are fast, in-depth, and more professional-looking when it comes to measuring phone performance. AnTuTu Benchmark’s results are also more multi-dimensional and comprehensive, helping users have a more objective and comprehensive understanding of the quality of their phones.


  • Objectivity and impartiality


 AnTuTu Benchmark’s methodology for scoring Android phones is based solely on analyzing parameters such as configuration, memory, and hardware details to draw detailed conclusions about device performance. So there is no partiality or subjectivity here.  This is an important factor in helping users trust and rely on AnTuTu Benchmark to compare devices.


  • What you want, What we provide


 If the user does not understand the jargon of mobile device hardware (e.g. what is an operating system, what does screen size determine, what does resolution affect…) , you can also find detailed definitions and terms by clicking on these. This is an extremely effective additional feature that makes AnTuTu Benchmark more accessible to non-technical users.


 AnTuTu Benchmark also features intuitive design, less operation, and ease of use. It can be easily used even by non-technical people.


  • Detailed and objective mobile hardware scoring tool


 AnTuTu Benchmark is an all-in-one mobile scoring tool. Through this app, you will have all the necessary parameters, metrics, and benchmarks of your phone.


 The first is the performance parameters: CPU, RAM, GPU and memory storage capacity. All information about name, origin, ability, and ability to perform tasks will be fully displayed in the detailed report of the application. Specifically, you can identify the ability to handle real numbers, floating points, clock speed, power consumption, multipliers, threads, and multicore processing levels by CPU. Through GPU graphics card testing, AnTuTu Benchmark will test the device’s 2D and 3D image processing capabilities. For RAM, there are bandwidth metrics, system data transfer delay, memory optimization, storage speed, read and write, etc.


 Not only does AnTuTu Benchmark determine the internal power of the device being used, but it’s also a tool that provides you with recommendations for the most powerful hardware pieces in each section. By selecting each piece of hardware individually and selecting the “score,” you can find out how your device’s hardware ranks in the market and also see which hardware for which device is the best on the AnTuTu Benchmark leaderboard.


  • How to work


 The AnTuTu Benchmark works by measuring each type of hardware against specific criteria (such as multi-threading, multi-core, etc.) and comparing it with world standards to analyze how capable the device is. AnTuTu Benchmark will do this step by step.


 That is, for each piece of hardware, the application displays detailed specifications that give a hardware evaluation and score. The score for that hardware on your device will then be uploaded to the app system’s database and reused with previously available global databases to rate the hardware of the device you’re using. So, you can use this score and ranking results to see where your phone stands compared to other mobile devices in the world.


 Due to the diverse and meticulous evaluation criteria of each part, the scoring results of AnTuTu Benchmark are diverse, objective and comprehensive. Using a mobile phone, you can quickly identify its advantages and disadvantages (e.g., strong graphics processing tasks, but weak math processing tasks…) .


Safely Download AnTuTu Benchmark APK for Android


 If you want to measure performance or score mobile device hardware in general, use AnTuTu Benchmark. The detailed impressions and objective scores provided by the app will give you the most complete view of your phone.


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