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ASICS Runkeeper is a comprehensive running and training app developed and owned by ASICS, one of the world’s leading running shoe brands. Launched in 2008, ASICS Runkeeper has quickly become one of the most popular running apps on the market, with over 50 million users worldwide.


Measure and track distances


  • The app is designed to help users store information about their running activities, including distance, speed, and time. In addition, Asics Runkeeper can track up to 50 of your running goals and help you achieve them. This can help you train more efficiently and achieve better results in less time.


  • ASICS Runkeeper app allows users to measure and record their distance while training or running. The app uses GPS on your mobile device to track and monitor your parameters as you jog. In addition, Runkeeper provides maps so you can determine exactly where you are and what you pass through during your run.


Make a running exercise plan


  • ASICS Runkeeper app also allows users to plan their workouts daily, weekly, and monthly. Users can choose different goals, such as increasing speed, improving endurance, or losing weight. The app will come up with customized exercise plans to help users achieve their goals.


Implement an exercise program


  • After creating an exercise plan, users can use ASICS Runkeeper to exercise and run on real terrain. The app will provide real-time instructions to help users perform workouts and track their progress.


Record health information


  • One feature that Runkeeper runners appreciate is the ability to edit and store information on the application. This means you can track your progress over time, increase your goals and keep track of your running in one place. You can view your progress and easily summarize important information on smart charts.


The ASICS Runkeeper community


  • Through the “Group Run” mode, this app allows you to connect with friends so that you can arrange to run together. You can see the progress of others and compete with them to increase your motivation. You can share running-related information and details on other social networks to increase your chances of connecting and socializing with people with similar interests.


Break the records


  • ASICS Runkeeper tracks the user’s activities and records your best performance during training. With “the longest training distance in history”, “the earliest completion of 5 kilometers”, “the earliest completion of 10 kilometers” and other achievements…… Users can easily track their progress and set goals to break records.


Ease of use


  • The comprehensiveness of Asics Runkeeper comes not only from the excellent functionality provided by the application, but also from its ease of use. With its user community in mind, Asics Runkeeper provides everyone with useful and easy-to-understand information, making it easier for them to find and use the features of this application. At the same time, Asics Runkeeper also provides a good user experience, with a beautiful interface and easy to use.


  • When training with Asics Runkeeper, users can find a range of useful statistics, including information such as speed, time, distance, and altitude. In addition, users can also be motivated by sharing their results and getting feedback from the app’s user community.


Connect to your smartwatch


  • To make the exercise tracking process more convenient and accurate, Asics Runkeeper is also able to connect to smartwatches and other accessories to monitor metrics such as heart rate, speed, distance and time. All players can also use the smartwatch to receive text messages and calls without having to stop running.


  • You don’t necessarily have to use expensive smartwatches like Apple Watch, Amazfit or Samsung, just spend less money to own Xiaomi, W8… Asics Runkeeper supports most smartwatches on the market. The current field has the most specific and accurate parameters.


Download ASICS Runkeeper MOD & APK for Android


  • Asics Runkeeper is a great tool that helps users track their workouts efficiently. The app has excellent features that make it easy for users to plan and track their workout progress. It can also help you gain encouragement and support from your app’s user community. All these features make Asics Runkeeper an excellent tool for runners worldwide.


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