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These books contain pages of 3D games marked with ASTAR ICONS.

What is the app about and how does the 3D game work?

The book contains pages with 3D games marked with special ICONS. Augmented reality turns pictures into three-dimensional speaking objects that move through space and are controlled by the player himself. In other words, the 3D game "left" the book and became part of reality. Each 3D animated character has its own unique scene. The player controls the animated character using a joystick and special buttons displayed on the mobile device.

Pay attention! The "ASTAR" app is only available for books with the "ASTAR" logo on the cover.

What 3D games can kids play?

Fly realistic aircraft and pass targets.

Fire from the ballista at the target, pull the string.

Off-road racing and overcoming obstacles.

Take a photo with a "live" dinosaur directly from the app.

Study the operation of windmills, fuel stations and cranes in 3D images.

Embark on an exciting journey to distant stars and planets. Great way to learn about the universe!

Tons of amazing games.

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Install the free application "ASTAR".

Step 2: Unmute your mobile device.

Step 3: Launch the application.

Step 4: Open the book and find the page with the 3D game icon.

Step 5: Point the camera at the 3D game icon page and follow the prompts.

The augmented Reality encyclopedia is fun for the whole family!


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