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Auto Clicker is an app that performs repetitive clicks at any location on your device or at any time according to your  settings. The app is small, but very powerful when playing point-and-click games on mobile devices.


About Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker app helps to automatically manipulate for fast upgrades in the clicker game!


  • The importance of auto click apps on mobile phone


On mobile, there are a lot of games that require you to play hard, fight hard, and collect a lot of items every day to quickly move up the rankings. Of course, there are also many people who want to spend a lot of time playing games. But if you’re already at work, it’s exam season, or getting ready to go out with loved ones, friends, or family, that’s a luxury. In such cases, what you need is an autoresponder application.

The autoresponder app will help you save energy and time from sitting in one place and playing games. You can play the game while working or watching a movie, or even go out for a while and come back, making sure the character is always alive and climbing to a higher level.

This also means you don’t have to wait and watch every detail in the game, helping you avoid stress and wasted time. It also gives you a chance to participate in the important activities of the game without having to look at your phone all day.

Agree that when the Auto Clicker app is abused, the fairness that the gaming community values will slowly disappear. When the other side is fighting every minute of the day, you gain more advantage.

But there’s no denying that auto clicker apps bring great benefits to mobile gamers, whether professional or amateur. Obviously, if used correctly and for the right duration, the Auto Clicker app will make your mobile gaming process a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for an auto-click app, try Auto Clicker right now, which is one of the best known representatives of such feature apps right now.


  • What can Auto Clicker do for you?


This compact, space-saving, low-battery consumption app will help you automatically perform one or more repetitive actions anytime, anywhere, based on your previous Settings.

What stands out compared to other questioner apps is that there is no registration required, no need to root the phone, and it comes with a floating control panel that can turn on/off auto-tap actions on the screen. This is a very useful feature for fans of mobile point-and-click games.


  • The interface is intuitive and easy to use


To support users of all ages, Auto Clicker has designed a friendly, intuitive interface. You hardly need to spend time learning how to use it. As a result, you can freely open Auto Clicker to execute auto commands and level up smoothly in many games without any delay or difficulty.

The process of setting up locations, times, and operations that need to be repeated is also quick. With just a few taps, you can install any number of commands at once in one or more tap games installed on your device.


  • Advanced Auto-clicker support


Auto-clicker is able to receive and execute multiple Settings. This means that with this app you can create multiple taps, multiple internal swipes, and global timers to ensure that all setup intervals follow the standard time for each match. From then on, the application does not cause deviations between one player account and another.

You can automatically import/export scripts during installation. Automation makes the upgraded point-and-click game fast, automatic, and otherwise still under your control. Automatically enter when you leave your phone due to unexpected busywork, and there is a stop button to stop these automatic scripts when you return to your phone.


Download the Auto clicker MOD & APK for Android


The application helps to automatically manipulate for fast upgrades in the clicker game!

Do you have an auto clicker installed on your Android phone? It’s time to take advantage of every second to automatically level up and get ready to compete with other players in the point-and-click game.


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