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Auto Optimizer v2.0.1.7 MOD APK (Full, Patched)

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Auto Optimizer Mod APK is a versatile and easy-to-use utility that helps your device optimize perfectly or improve performance over time. It’s also equipped with a lot of new-generation AI capable of changing the way components work on the device, providing users with a more stable user experience while playing games, among other things. In addition to this, its built-in power saving feature also helps users to extend battery life at any time.

Key Features

  • Automatically optimize your gadget to make sure it stays up and running!
  • Easy to use, really effective, and faster to process!
  • With just a click of the home button, you can quickly optimize your device. Make sure your gadget always runs smoothly.
  • Display information about memory and battery life on the status bar or overlay.
  • The device comes with advanced battery saving features. This will result in a significant improvement in battery life.
  • It comes with the ability to clean up different histories and caches on various operating systems.
  • You can configure the conditions and details of automatic optimization execution.
  • You may also see advanced options that you can access during the execution.
  • With just a swipe on the shortcut, you can optimize your system instantly.
  • Eliminate any irrelevant operations for the fastest feasible processing speed.
  • Flexible Settings suit the way you use your smartphone, including full condition Settings that execute automatically.
  • You may see specific information about the current state of the device.

Deep clean to free storage

Many users’ devices are often cluttered with many unused files, so the auto optimizer integrates with the all-in-one cleaner. The cleanup function is automatic, scanning every corner of memory and listing what’s ready to be deleted. Users can keep some important things, or even change how the cleaner works for better performance or free up more memory for the device.

An automatic supercharger enables higher performance

The booster feature built into the Auto Optimizer will automatically link to all systems, making them work at full capacity for a more stable game. Boosting, however, drains the battery faster, while disabling background programs or apps to centralize all execution on a single unit. The Booster feature automatically adjusts all performance based on the game being run to protect the device and optimize everything dynamically.

Extensive optimization

The automatic optimizer realizes the unlimited potential of directly impacting the system to provide users with the best user experience. As such, it has extensive customization for each feature and tool so that users can change their personal experience, especially the booster feature. They are free to interact with each slider, indicator and set some restrictions to make the application work more efficiently.

Optimize the system for a smooth experience

In addition to the enhancer, the optimizer softeners the device by disabling everything from programs to biometric systems. It just keeps everything to a minimum, makes the device smoother and easier to operate, and helps the system cool down faster after a game. In addition, it reduces the device’s battery consumption, leaving only a few services enough for users to receive notifications or messages.


Quick and convenient power saving tool

The power saving feature works differently than previously prompted, as it disallows or optimizes many programs and apps to extend battery life. Battery consumption varies depending on the user’s battery usage intensity to meet many individual needs. Conveniently, it automatically activates certain programs or apps if the user wants to enforce any functionality.

More advanced and useful tools

The optimization possibilities for the application are almost limitless, and many features or support tools will give the user more options to enhance the user experience. Everything is free and easy to use, even if it affects many areas or specific functions of the device. Users can also customize them freely, even allowing apps to restart while sleeping to automatically protect the device.

Automatic optimizers are a perfect combination of many things, most of which are beneficial to the device, extending lifespan or stabilizing performance while playing games. In addition, the cleanup feature will help users filter out malicious files and even delete a large number of files hidden in the system.


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