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Installing AutoResponder for Messenger on your device will help you automatically reply to Facebook Messenger (Lite) and the home page based on your personal preferences. This little application will help you save a lot of energy.


Introduction to AutoResponder for Messenger

Reply to messages automatically and reduce Facebook management many times!


You definitely need an app that automatically replies to messages

  • When you do an online business through Facebook, there are so many people interested in the product every day that even if you manage it yourself or have staff help you, it is still difficult to keep up with all the messages. For a variety of reasons, no matter how careful you are, you may miss one or more important messages during the day, resulting in many bad consequences or missed opportunities. To minimize this, you need an auto-reply app that works smoothly on mobile platforms.
  • AutoResponder for Messenger will automatically send a reply message to the person you just texted, based on the message structure you prepared. No matter what time they send, as long as they are online, you will receive their response immediately. Although everyone knows it’s an automated message, you haven’t read the questions they sent, but the feeling of being answered, cared for, and interacted with resonates well from the first moment.


Not only business

  • Not only in business, but sometimes you need this app in personal relationships as well. For example, you will have a busy day, it is difficult to pick up the phone or reply to messages, you are driving on the road and it is not convenient to text. It’s also a great way to maintain relationships, keeping contact light, low pressure, and always making the people you need to contact feel comfortable.
  • One of the best auto reply apps on mobile devices today is AutoResponder for Messenger. If you have the above requirements, you can try it.


Autoresponder with extensive personalization forms

  • AutoResponder for Messenger works well with Facebook Messenger (Lite) and Business Suite and will help you automatically send custom messages based on predefined templates to corresponding object groups that are also pre-filtered. For example, strangers are message A, friend groups are message B, family groups are message C, colleagues are message D…
  • Each group, the message content at each time, and which message is for which group can be flexibly customized and personalized. You can choose one or more types of messages for any group on your Facebook page. With this powerful feature, Messenger’s Autoresponder will help you automatically reply to any given message when you’re on the go, to the right person at the right time, with no mistakes, and no messy messages.


Self-fill in the blanks

  • The app has deep customization and personalization capabilities, so in the content of a preset message, you can leave it blank and fill in fields that need to be filtered and filled in by the app accordingly. For example, a text message repeats the name of the person who texted you, making the message feel more private to them. Or another preset message with a specific time comment but still using the same template as before, based on the current date, the AutoResponder for Messenger will also auto-fill the blank to avoid confusion.
  • You can use Messenger’s AutoResponder to automatically filter interest when connecting with prospects. Make a request that asks the customer to select the information they would like to ask from the store, such as: Is this item still available? How much is it? Where is the sales address? Is there a promotional period? Are there any activities or offers?
  • After the customer makes their choice, the application notifies them to wait a certain amount of time before they can receive a direct interaction with the page manager. This feature is good for customers because it helps them clearly define questions about the item, while making it easier for page administrators to provide accurate, targeted advice.


Set a schedule for replying to messages

  • AutoResponder for Messenger is not only an automatic message reply function, but also an automatic scheduler with latency. You can use Messenger’s automated replies to schedule meetings, inquiries, meetings with clients and partners, or just remind close friends of gatherings.
  • AutoResponder for Messenger can also be used as a Tasker plug-in with other features on the device, such as calendar, reminders, and task tracking……


Back up the message

  • In the process of using and customizing the information in the AutoResponder for Messenger, you can set up backup methods so that you can reuse them later when needed, or if needed, you can restore previously deleted message templates.
  • It is understood that the developers have many bigger plans for the automated message reply app in the future. More likely to intervene more deeply in the task management process and manage the user’s social networking site or sales page.


Download AutoResponder for Messenger  MOD & APK for Android

Install AutoResponder for Messenger and you get a useful “bot” that can help with 100% interaction with customers and other personal and work relationships. The bot automatically responds to messages, allows for extensive personalization, and has a lot of potential for future growth.


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