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Avast Antivirus is an antivirus app that removes malware and protects your Android device throughout the day. Keep your equipment safe. The app is now trusted by 435 million users worldwide, which is a testament to its power.


Let Avast Antivirus take care of you throughout the day

If you’re looking for maximum protection for your mobile device and data, but aren’t sure which app to use, then you might consider using Avast Antivirus.


What is Avast Antivirus?

  • In a word, Avast Antivirus is an antivirus app. It includes features to protect devices from viruses, scan for, and block malicious apps that are infiltrating the device. In this way, the device software and information on the current device can be protected in a safe state to the greatest extent.
  • Avast Antivirus is safe for users. The app has over 435 million users to date and has become one of the recommended free antivirus apps on Android phones.


Maximum privacy protection

  • Avast Antivirus’s process through antivirus and anti-malware will help to maximize the protection of your device’s privacy and the data on your device. By providing necessary warnings to remind users which spyware or applications are infected with ads or infected with dangerous viruses. As a result, you can avoid information tracking and ensure that you do not download applications that are at high risk of infection.
  • Avast Antivirus also keeps you safe from cyber virus attacks from your email system or phishing websites. Simply turn on the VPN in Avast Antivirus, and you can always browse the web in a private, secure mode. At the same time, the application is able to access paid online services anywhere and is no longer blocked by firewalls or any other barriers.


Antivirus and data protection tools

  • When you install Avast Antivirus, the application always defaults to its main features. These include automatic antivirus, automatic deletion when viruses are detected, and self-warning notifications when apps at risk of virus infection are detected.
  • Moreover, Avast Antivirus, with its strong VPN integration, is also your tool to prevent information theft, protecting your users’ privacy to the maximum. Avast Antivirus can help you detect if your phone has been hacked. Is the stock safe? Is the information data file on the phone viewed by others? Every movement on the phone is closely monitored remotely and controlled by all the threats emanating from the network environment. With Avast Antivirus, you can rest assured that whether you’re using your phone online or offline, you’re surrounded by the most secure walls possible.


Clean up memory and device junk

  • Avast Antivirus not only clears viruses and protects user privacy, but it’s also a tool that helps you maximize memory, clean up garbage on your device, and free up space. By cleaning up apps, residual junk software, harmful cookies, warning options to remove all at-risk apps, Avast Antivirus will help you increase RAM, clean up your device for more information storage and faster browsing.


Network shield

  • Avast Antivirus is also a powerful shield for any Web browsing activity. Whether you’re using public or private Internet from any source, Avast Antivirus can help you protect all your Wifi information and test your Wifi speed.
  • With Avast Antivirus, you can also view detailed information about the app, such as capacity, features, and more, to decide whether to download that app to your phone. When you look, Avast Antivirus will provide a report detailing the application’s information, and the final decision maker will be you.


About Avast Antivirus Premium

  • When using the Paid version of Avast Antivirus, you can enjoy some additional benefits in addition to the above features.
  • First of all,  check the phone. Avast Antivirus will help you check the last location of your device before the battery runs out. You  will find the location of the device easily and no longer afraid of having to search for your phone in vain.
  • Moreover, another advanced feature that is very useful for busy people is app locking. You can completely lock out apps or sensitive information and images from your device with Avast Antivirus, ensuring that even if someone is holding your phone, they still won’t be able to open it. They are fully locked with a pattern, fingerprint password or PIN.
  • In addition, removing ads is also one of Avast Antivirus’s advanced features. When accessing any application, website, or game, Avast Antivirus will help you remove advertising content that appears on these online content, helping the process of browsing, playing games, and downloading to be smoother, faster, and more secure.


Download Avast Antivirus MOD & APK for Android

Avast Antivirus is an app that protects your phone, removes viruses, and allows secure access to the web. If you want your device to be protected from harmful agents, download Avast Antivirus now.


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