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Avatarify has the magical ability to “transform” every photo. Capable of turning an ordinary image into a vivid pictorial masterpiece in an instant, Avatarify features a range of captivating dynamic effects, but still retains the original natural and realistic lines. Among them, the most special feature is the ability to make funny singing short videos.


Create pictures that can sing

  • Have you ever wanted to create a dynamic motion for a still image, or wanted to prank with a short video of your friend’s face. Or even, do you want to transplant your face into the body of a celebrity? A few years ago, this was nearly impossible on mobile devices and could only be done by skilled Photoshop gurus. Things are very different now, and you can do all of the above completely with just one AI mobile app, and that’s one like Avatarify that specializes in intelligent AI face processing.
  • Avatarify isn’t just a photo editing and face transplant app, but it opens up so many extraordinary new possibilities beyond your imagination. As proof, one of Avatarify’s most important features is to create “singing pictures.”
  • Each character in the picture can lip-sync to a fun background song. The background music is selected from the application library itself. The original photo only needs to clearly show the facial details of the person. And it’s not just lip-synching, the characters’ eyes, cheeks and facial expressions are also adapted to fit the rhythm of the song.


Make pictures come to life strangely

  • Avatarify is an app that applies smart AI technology to image processing. With Avatarify, you can do everything associated with face processing, transforming images in the most unexpected ways.
  • One of the main features of Avatarify is the ability to create animations using some simple animations of still images. Next, you can match yourself to another person, and still be natural, not stiff, not aware of the cuts around the picture. With Avatarify, you can also surprise your friends by creating a weird photo yourself that pairs your face with a certain celebrity’s body and vice versa.



  • However, all of this is nothing compared to Avatarify’s standout pro feature: its ability to create magical singing photos. This is the biggest and most difference between Avatarify and many other AI image reconstruction applications. Specifically, with Avatarify, you can help your face (or any other person in the picture) blink, wink, and move your face according to the lyrics and rhythm of a song playing in the background.
  • Using Avatarify is very simple. Simply select a photo from your existing gallery, a track from Avatarify’s vast collection, then press a button to stitch the image and music together, and wait a few seconds. In an instant, you have a very strange animation. The person in the photo is lip-syncing to the right song, the right lyrics, the right beat, and even the right facial expression.
  • Not just your photos, you can use photos of anyone, celebrities, friends, family, and “force” them to reluctantly lip-sync to all of your favorite music. Every time you try a new image, a new song, it’s a new, interesting, ironic, different feeling.
  • I’ll show you a more magical way to use Avatarify. Why not consider combining Avatarify’s many features to create incredible animation masterpieces. For example, you can combine a picture of yourself with a picture of a celebrity, hug each other, and sing the nursery song Teletubbies. Who did not laugh at this scene?
  • Hearing this, maybe you are overwhelmed with Avatarify already? So what are you waiting for, send this unique animation to your friends or social networks. You will bring laughter to the whole world, even the most serious friends.


Download Avatarify MOD & APK for Android

Millions of people use Avatarify as a tool to create funny entertainment images or play pranks on friends and blow up social networks. It’s time for you to be part of this trend! Download the app from the link above.


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