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Avatoon is a cute cartoon-style photo creation and editing app. From now on, your photos will take on new colors, making them more attractive and interesting than before.


About Avatoon

How exciting it is to create a personalized avatar that expresses you and your life!

When users use photo editing apps, everyone wants to get good-looking photos. If you can somehow create a high-quality profile picture or a series of really weird and impressive photos for yourself, your standing in your virtual life will improve significantly.

To do this, you first need a tool that is fast, convenient, and efficient. For example, tools like Avatoon.


New style headshot

Avatoon is an app that can animate any photo, helping you add color to your social networking sites by creating cartoon-like faces and quickly putting them on social networks.

In the past, you might have underestimated the power of social media avatars. Your profile picture is more important than you think. It starts by showing your current shape and face, which is the first detail by which friends on the social network recognize you (as was the case with forced Facebook name changes a decade ago). A profile picture doesn’t just appear once, but it appears continuously when you chat with someone on a social network. A nice, polished, and highly personalized profile picture will both bring excitement to chat and make virtual life more effective than a traditional profile picture.

Easily create cartoon Avatoon Avatoon App. Easily create an avatar that looks just like you. Avatoon allows you to customize every detail, from clothes, hair, face, acne, freckles, eyes…… To make sure you have an avatar you like.

Whether it’s casually chatting with friends, earning more likes and followers, or just wanting to bring a little change to your virtual life, Avatoon’s new cartoon-style Avatons will help you blow a new wind into your social network.


Create highly personalized animated photos

Not only can Avatoon create animations on your original photos, but it’s also an app capable of bringing animated images to life. You’re still you, but you’re new. The images created are highly personalized and express facial features that express the original attitudes and emotions of the people in the photos. And importantly, you are free to create your own cartoon character that will amaze and impress anyone who sees a social networking site.


Photo editing ranges from basic to advanced

Once you’ve got the cartoon photos you need, you can also edit photos from simple to complex using the various image editing features available in Avatoon. Your animated photos will once again be taken to a new level and meet everyone’s virtual life needs. Edit filter colors, insert stickers and text, and do all the things you want until you’re happy with the photo.


Cartoon photography enthusiast community

Avatoon is also a cartoon character creation app. You can become a character creator and animator and create your own characters here. This could be the first step to making some cute comic pages of your own.

Plus, you can play doll games with other people! There will be lots of cool things for cartoon lovers.

The fun with Avatoon doesn’t stop at creating and editing cartoon-style images. Avatoon is also a community of cartoon enthusiasts, where you can find many people who share your interests.

What can the Avatoon community do? It’s not much, but enough to give you a chance to experience everything:

  • Image Submission and Image Sharing: You can share any cartoon, emoji, and edited photos to the Avatoon community
  • Like and comment on other users’ photos


Download Avatoon MOD & APK for Android

With photo editing tools that combine to create profiles and cartoon-style images, and can also be used to create your own comic characters, Avatoon will bring a lot of fun color to your virtual life.


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