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We’ve had a lot written about photo-editing apps, but there doesn’t seem to be an introduction to apps for transferring on-screen video. That’s a shame, because video interaction is also a fun thing to do, and surely a lot of people will need it. Therefore, today will introduce to everyone a professional phone screen recording application named AZ Screen Recorder.


AZ Screen Recorder Imformation

APP Name :AZ Screen Recorder

Category:Photos & Videos

File Size:86 MB

Version:v 6.1.1

MOD Features:Pro Unlocked

Requires:Android 5.0+




Record on-screen video with just one tap

  • AZ Screen Recorder is a professional screen recording application for Android phones released by the company of the same name in 2014. After nearly 10 years of operation, it has reached tens of millions of downloads and is considered one of the most successful video apps.
  • As its name is “AZ Screen Recorder”, perhaps you can imagine what the main function of this application is, right? This is the function of recording your activities on your phone in as much detail as possible. Screen recording helps you share, save, and analyze your device’s screen activity. It has a wide range of applications, from creating videos of actions, how to use a new app or device, to recording in-game actions to share with friends or show off.
  • Screen recording can also save you time and effort when you need to teach someone how to use a new app or feature on your device. Instead of describing each step in detail, you can simply record a video of your screen and share it.
  • What’s different about the Screen video recording feature in AZ Screen Recorder is that it allows you to choose the resolution each time you perform a recording operation. You can choose from low to high resolution segments, including 240p, 360p to 4K quality. The purpose of this feature is to help you optimize your device’s storage space. Unimportant videos should be recorded in low quality to avoid wasting space, and vice versa.


Professional video editing after screen recording

  • In addition to the video Screen recording function that is considered identity, AZ Screen Recorder also has a range of top tools to edit your video into a highlight. So, basic functions include cropping, rotating, zooming in, zooming out, adding ICONS, brands, voice, sounds, or special effects to the video. With these features in mind, you can create beautiful videos that are as good as those from well-known content creators.
  • In the initial phase, you should use the video trim feature to remove the unwanted parts to create a full video that you like. Next, move on to other important tools such as adding effects to your video, such as blurring, changing colors, editing audio, syncing video and audio, and even adding sub content to your video. You look so affectionate and special.
  • To optimize video editing, you need video editing knowledge and skills. However, with AZ Screen Recorder, you don’t need much expertise to create high-quality videos, as the app just suggests you all the necessary tools to create exquisite videos. Already. Your job is simply to conceptualize your video and tweak the tools so that the final video looks like you want it to.


Maximum security support

In addition to the ability to record Screen videos as well as edit extremely professional videos, AZ Screen Recorder also supports users to protect the products they create. You are free to store videos delivered via the app to your device and can even set a password to watch these products. Sounds superfluous, but it’s a neat thing that only AZ Screen Recorder can think of. Screen videos often contain a lot of important information about the device. Should this video unfortunately get leaked, you can still rest assured that you have a solid layer of security in place, so inside information won’t be leaked.


Download AZ Screen Recorder MOD & APK for Android

The AZ Screen Recorder app is completely free and does not contain any ads, and you can download and use it without paying any fees. Moreover, AZ Screen Recorder also supports many different languages so that you can use the application easily. There’s really no reason to ignore an app like this, is there? It’s hard to find a better free app than AZ Screen Recorder. Download the app now to experience its amazing features!


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