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AZIP Master v3.7.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Compress, share, and backup your files with AZIP Master app!

AZIP Master is an application that helps compress and decompress all file formats on mobile devices. This convenient, easy-to-use app perfectly supports everyone’s space-saving storage, sharing, and storage needs.


AZIP Master Information

APP Name :AZIP Master


File Size:24 MB

Version:v 3.7.9

MOD Features:Premium Unlocked

Requires:Android 5.0+




File compression requirements

  • In many cases, you’ll need to compress files directly on your mobile device. One of the main reasons is to share files quickly with others without having to take too long to transfer files due to their large size. This way, you can quickly and efficiently send multiple files at once.
  • However, you need to find a secure, quality compression application for long-term use. So-called standard compression applications require three important qualities: very strong compression, quality that preserves all internal details, and the ability to ensure data security.
  • Saving space is the primary criterion. A good compression app will help you gather all the necessary files into one folder and package that folder into a compact compressed file that is much smaller than the original folder size. This makes storing procedures simpler, maximizes device space, and sharing and sending is quick and easy.
  • A good decompression application should also have good data security capabilities. Each app will be created using different technologies and protect data files differently, but the common goal remains comprehensive protection of all compressed files.
  • If you’re looking for an app that meets all three of the above criteria, runs well on its own, and doesn’t take up memory during compression/decompression, you can take a look at AZIP Master.


What is special about AZIP Master?

  • AZIP Master is a useful file compression application that can compress all types of files that meet all the above 3 criteria in the fastest and most convenient way on the mobile device you are using. This would be ideal support for anyone who needs to manage their data in the lightest, most space-saving way possible.
  • AZIP Master is also designed with an intuitive interface that minimizes all the steps. So whether you have high-tech capabilities or not, you can still easily interact with the application, save time and effort, and still get the combined results you want.


Focus entirely on compression features

  • Without annoying side features, AZIP Master just does its job brilliantly: compress and decompress files. Through this application, you can manage files, then create a folder to store those files in one place, then click the “Compress” button in AZIP Master to start the process of compressing files. You don’t have to wait long, as compressing all the files and folders in AZIP Master happens at lightning speed and you get the result immediately after pressing the action button.
  • AZIP Master can compress and decompress many different compression formats, including ZIP, RAR or LZ, as well as some less common formats, Such as ZIPX, JAR, 7Z, GZ, TGZ, BZ2, BZ, TBZ, TBZ2, XZ, TXZ, TLZ, TAR, ISO, LZH, ARJ, Z, TAZ, 001. With this compatibility and high compression/decompression speed, you will get enthusiastic support to create compressed or uncompressed files to compress any information file, including extremely large files.
  • For especially large files, you can use the advanced compression feature, which operates on the principle of maximum compression to save resources. Again, with this feature, you can minimize the size of your folder to make it very compact.
  • During the compression/decompression process, users can also actively choose their preferred compression format and compression package size, ensuring that the stored process is convenient or the recipient of the shared file can use it after receiving it.
  • AZIP Master also allows multitasking, which means you can compress or uncompress multiple files at once without much impact on the overall speed of your application. Once you’re done, you can choose a destination to store your files on your device or cloud storage, or you can choose to share them quickly through channels, emails, and messages…


Supports fast file transfer

  • Once the compression is complete, there is also a share button in the AZIP Master. You can instantly send a just-compressed file back and forth between your devices quickly, easily, and instantaneously.
  • Just by setting up a stable network connection via hotspot or WiFi and performing a few basic operations in AZIP Master, you can save a lot of time and effort when transferring and sharing files anywhere.


Protect compressed files

AZIP Master allows users to set passwords to protect their compressed files. You can also create a ZIP with a two-factor password. Make sure all compressed/extracted files in your phone are secure.


Download AZIP Master MOD & APK for Android

Focus on original functions: compression and decompression, provide a variety of options during the operation, high compatibility, good compression/decompression efficiency, fast storage, easy to share. If you often need to save files tightly or transfer them quickly through different ways, AZIP Master is the app that should be installed on your phone.


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