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B612 is an all-in-one app for camera, photo and video editing. B612 offers a variety of free features and tools to make every moment of your life more special.

B612 boasts a number of impressive photo and video editing features, offering users a wide range of AR technology-based effects, filters, and smart camera features. Many Internet celebrities and stars use it.This app will turn your photos into vivid and shiny works of art.

B612 makes your photos unique and sparkling! Get to know the new fashion effects, filters and stickers every day!


1. B612 Infoamation

APP Name: B612

Category: Photos and Videos

File Size: 169MB

Version: v 12.3.15

MOD Features: Premium Unlocked

Requires: Android 8.0+

Price: Free

Security: Safe


2. What is B612?

B612 is a photo and video editing app with multiple features. The app is easy to use and intuitive, and anyone can use it to make each photo even more special and memorable. Let’s take a look at the standout features of this app.


3. Beautiful Filters

B612 is unique in that it allows users to create their own filters by combining basic to advanced filters in B612. Today’s photo editing apps typically come in two forms: those with standard hard filters that can only be applied to one image at a time, or those that can be combined on the same photo by superimposing filters depending on the type of filter. B612 differs in these two respects.

The B612 offers a variety of built-in filters curated by renowned photographers. You can use these filters to apply to the photos you want to edit, one layer, two layers, or more, with random differences for each photo as you like.

Alternatively, you can create a new filter by overlaying the filter with an existing template, and then save the filter for later batch editing photos. This new filter is entirely your own, unparalleled and unique. Not only is it stored separately in the app’s custom filter corner, but you can also easily share this unique filter with friends who are also using B612.

When you download B612 to use, you also join B612’s community of creative users, which means you can access, enjoy, and even download many other people’s unique filters to use. Thanks to this community, B612 can be considered an unlimited photo editing app, as the number of personalized filters will continue to grow over time.


4. Smart Camera

The B612 also makes the default camera in your device smarter. By applying filters and real-time beautification right from the start, the B612 turns your phone into a brilliant camera that can uniquely and more beautifully capture every moment of the day.

With a full suite of smart tools, the B612 reshapes the device camera: shoot anytime, anywhere, in high resolution, and take sharper shots at night with less jitter. You can also choose from a variety of built-in effects/filters to apply to the camera before taking a photo. From the moment the photo is released, it achieves the desired effect, saving a lot of post-editing time.

Don’t miss out on B612’s daily perks: updated AR effects and exclusive seasonal filters. These additional little details continuously enrich the collection of camera effects, providing you with many new nuances before and after taking a picture.


5. Photo Editing Tools

In addition to the filters, the B612 has many different effects, from classic to modern, from romantic to strong personality, you are sure to create a million different atmosphere for your photos.

When you want to edit sharper image colors, you can also use the Advanced Color Correction Suite, which makes precise color adjustments with curves, hue separation, or HSL to show detail.

If you need more vibrant photos, you should check out the collection of stickers and text included in B612. With a little skill and a little creativity, using stickers and fonts, you can create many unique dots in your pictures. Just like a filter, you can completely connect the details to create the perfect set of stickers for yourself.


6. Smart Makeup

The B612 also supports deep editing as well as more intervention on facial details. Specifically, through the Smart Beauty feature, the app will help you create a clearer and more harmonious face, but still retain the characteristic clear natural brightness.

You can use Smart Beauty with an AR makeup suite in the app. The kit leverages advanced AR technology to create fresh beauty on the face in a variety of makeup styles, from everyday life to stylish casual looks. In the process of using these detailed AR beauty features, you can adjust your beauty and contour to your preferences by manually incrementally. Or you can let it all happen automatically based on smart recognition built into the app. Simply press “Auto” and you’ll get a photo with your own dream face.


7. Create GIFs and Edit Videos

The B612 also supports users to record many fun moments through the Gif Bounce feature. This feature helps combine multiple still images and turn them into a small animated movie, with continuous transformations of the original photo. The file will be saved as a Gif on your device or in the cloud for further sharing with friends.

The B612 also has a set of features for recording and editing video in post-production. With this app, you can shoot, post edit, and dub music from over 500 available tracks. If you don’t like the music in the app, you can use an audio source extracted from your favorite video, and this extraction feature is also supported by the B612 to help you quickly get the sound you want.

Download B612 MOD & APK for Android

B612 is an all-in-one app for camera, photo and video editing. B612 offers a variety of free features and tools to make every moment of your life more special and memorable. Come and download the experience.


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