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An useful app designed for children to learn English.

Babilala is a free educational app for children aged 3 to 8. The interfaces, images, and colors in the curriculum design are designed for children. This will be an effective assistant to help you teach your child English from the first day of learning to a solid foundation.


Babilala Information

APP Name: Babilala

Category: Education

File Size: 170MB

Version: v2.11

Requires: Android 5.1+

Price: Free

Security: Safe


English for Children!

Children learn English differently from adults. The ability of children between the ages of 3 and 8 to absorb a large amount of language at once is unlimited. An open mind like a blank sheet of paper that has never been written, and the desire and creativity of each child will help them master a foreign language quickly and remember it naturally for a long time.

But in order to maximize a child’s full potential at this stage, you need a completely different approach to teaching than the rigid, pragmatic, and no-nonsense approach of adults. English used with children must be fun, memorable and curious.

There are many educational apps available on mobile phones, but most of them are aimed at adults. Babilala this free English learning app is considered a typical and rare representative of English language apps for children. This is an effective, fun, and creative app that you can download to help with your child’s early English learning.


What makes Babilala special compared to other English learning apps?

Babilala is specifically designed for children between the ages of three and eight, when their ability to speak, as well as their ability to reproduce and absorb, has been largely perfected. This is also a golden time for you to lay a solid foundation for your child.

Babilala’s curriculum is designed by international education experts according to the common European Language standard CEFR. Development should follow this direction, so Babilala’s entire curriculum is based on Cambridge scholarship. The foundation is the core, the design is thoughtful and interesting, colorful, lively, let the children always feel excited when the class, at the same time every day in the most scientific way to receive training. Since then, every child has a rich and solid English system, which becomes the perfect premise for long-term foreign language learning in the future.


Interesting things to learn English with Babilala

Take a look at some of the details and statistics of Babilala’s course, and you’ll see that its design is completely different from many typical adult English apps.

Babilala brings the English education system through an integrated curriculum, equivalent to the Cambridge Starter Certificate. So, your child will earn the equivalent of 3 certification levels after completing the 75 topics and 5000 interactive games in this app.

Children can be organized to study online at home on mobile phones and tablets, and only 15-20 minutes a day is enough. If you want, you can combine learning and entertainment with the many offline activities offered in the app. This fun learning can be done 24/7, anytime, anywhere, with or without an Internet connection.

The most special thing about Babilala is the curriculum. Unlike adult English learning apps, Babilala incorporates images, bright colors and lively and humorous sounds into every detail of lessons, exercises and mini-games. The aim is to add stimulation and create maximum excitement to the children’s English learning process, leaving them eager to be curious and looking forward to their daily class time in Babilala.

Babilala’s curriculum is also based on the science of interactive role-playing. That is, new phrases and new sentence patterns will be introduced naturally through context. The background is cartoons or simple and gentle interactive games that help children remember things better and for longer than usual.

Not only do you learn English through animations and games, Babilala is also a store that stores English words based on songs. There are many original English song melodies unique to Barberara and more than 5,000 interactive games that let kids dance, play, and repeat themselves according to the rhythm and pronunciation of the lyrics.

In this way, the most important part of learning English is pronunciation, and children can be guided correctly from the beginning. The child pronunciates the word correctly and practices it so that it becomes a conditioned natural reflex, and whenever he sees the word, he can automatically pronounce it like a native speaker.

Babilala supports iSpeak speech recognition technology, which listens to the child as he pronunciates, gives him a score, corrects mistakes, and encourages him to communicate naturally in a foreign language.


What can children learn from Babilala’s long-term English course?

Learning English through this app will help your child master 3000 new words and 300 common sentence patterns and how to apply this new knowledge to basic communication in the future.

Children also practice speaking and learn correct pronunciation through pairing with foreign teachers, as well as Babilala’s exclusive iSpeak smart training technology. With animation-based teaching sessions, children can also develop more life skills and real-life knowledge through 75 active life topics in the app.

Learning English in a variety of fun ways at Babilala will help your child improve their English and lay a solid foundation for the four important skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.



For parents, you can keep track of your child’s detailed academic performance on Babilala through the app’s daily and weekly reports. Just sign up for a Babilala account and thanks to Babilala’s built-in high sync feature, it can be used across multiple devices. It is a very useful, safe and very beneficial app for children aged 3 to 8 years old to learn English.


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