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Mobile phone wallpapers can greatly affect people’s mood, are you tired of boring mobile phone wallpapers? Let’s come to a new world with countless beautiful, special, vivid, colorful wallpapers and many attractive subjects. That world belongs to the Backdrops app. Coming to Backdrops, users will be lost in endless sources of inspiration.Collect and create unlimited wallpapers on your phone!


Find inspiration from your phone wallpapers

Backdrops is home to an epic collection of wallpapers, allowing you to create a plethora of cool, awesome wallpapers. Choosing wallpapers with the right intention and emotion can help regulate your emotions and make you feel more comfortable and excited when you turn on your phone. You know why? Because your phone wallpaper is something you see many times a day and can greatly affect your mood.

The wallpapers filtered into the background are all high quality images and divided into attractive themes and styles. Wherever you are, whatever your mood, whatever your taste, you can find wallpapers that you like.

All styles are available to the user in the background. Some examples include material styles, minimalism, patterns, landscapes, color themes, abstract art, exotic geometries…


Impressive collection of wallpapers

With a team of design experts and an active user community, Backdrops is the source of hundreds of unique wallpapers in the app alone. After downloading backgrounds and becoming part of the community, you can instantly sifts through hundreds of wallpapers to get your own unique backgrounds.

In addition to these curated images, Backdrops also allows you to access the app user community section. In the community, there are also many high-quality images from Backdrops users themselves. People are using the app and constantly uploading their creations and photography to share with other users. Only works of high quality will be approved for public use. It’s also a great source for you to always have an unlimited amount of phone wallpapers.

As a Backdrops user, you’re also part of the community. You can fully upload your creative images and share them with other users, contributing to the creation of a strong Backdrops community.

The number of official wallpapers of the app as well as the wallpapers in the community section are constantly updated. You will always get new, premium, and increasingly beautiful designs to update your phone wallpapers. The potential for storing backgrounds in your device is huge, and you can use the app for a long time without running out of new wallpapers.


Create your own wallpapers list

Of all the wallpapers included in the app, if you like any one, you can immediately touch it to see a larger picture, try it out on your phone and see if it suits you. If you can, touch the heart shape below the image to save it to your favorites list. Each time you return to this list, you can quickly select an image you like without having to start all over again.

Backdrops lets users sign in using Google. From here, you can sync your wallpaper collection across different devices using the same access account. The wallpaper you choose will be available on all devices.

To its credit, the wallpaper quality in Backdrops is consistent whether you’re using a phone or tablet. Wallpapers are similarly uploaded to mobile phones and tablets, and are of original quality, consistently providing a pleasing, attractive look.


General assessment of the wallpaper collection aesthetic

From the comments of the actual user community, the wallpaper collection in Backdrops shows a special creativity. Offering styles ranging from dramatic to casual, the app offers users a wide range of options.

Backdrops’ selection of wallpapers comes in many different styles, but all have the same things in common: impressive, minimalistic, attractive, stylish, and modern. This style will help you, no matter what wallpaper you choose, you can get the most stylish look for your phone wallpaper.


Download Backdrops MOD & APK for Android

It’s time to use Backdrops to get an impressive array of wallpapers for your phone. With an easy-to-use interface, unlimited quantities, and a uniquely modern style, this is the app you should have installed in your device that can constantly change your wallpaper depending on your mood.


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