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Introduction About Background Eraser

Now you can experience accurate background removal easily to remove Backgrounds from Photos with Background Erase – a pro photo editing tool that comes to the rescue when you want to quickly isolate a person or object to seamlessly paste into another picture or remove the background from a photo. With its sophisticated algorithms and user-friendly features, Background Eraser allows you to accurately and quickly remove unwanted backgrounds from photos. Edit photos like a pro with just one click!


Features of Background Eraser

[ Intuitive UI ]

With the intuitive design and simple-to-handle usage, this app is efficient and dependable, and even someone with no background in photo editing can produce results that look professional, which completely change the way you edit photos, making the process quick and painless.

[ Bulk transformation ]

No more alternating between images to change them with Background Eraser – You can upload several pictures at once to remove backgrounds in bulk on a single app now.

[ More than a background remover ]

Instantaneously create a transparent background to transform your photos into works of art, eye-catching banners, eye-catching presentations, product catalogs, and graphics. Background Erase can be totally adaptable to your requirements.


[ More functions ]

Other features like cropping and cropping images with an arbitrary size are equally preferred here in addition to the option to remove the wallpaper.

  • Special stickers or vibrant typefaces that go with it add even more appeal to the image.
  • Currently, users can choose from over 100 different colored and detailed image borders in the application.
  • Using filters that photo editors have created in a range of styles—from traditional to contemporary—you can add your own touch and personality to every picture.

Usage of Background Eraser

All you have to do is upload the picture in Background Eraser, and our deep neural network-powered algorithm will take care of the background removal for you, leaving the image flawless. Regardless of the industry you work in, get accurate and quick image transformations!

Remove BG

With Background Eraser, cutting the background has never been so simple. In particular, we can quickly create a basic PNG background for you using only the best images hand-picked from our own collection, allowing you to incorporate them into any wallpaper you choose to fulfill your entertainment demands or work involving images, which is very helpful for promoting your brand.


  • Step 1 – Choose a photo

To begin, select the picture from which you wish to remove the background by clicking the “Start” Button. PNG or JPG can be the format of your image, and Background Eraser accommodates all picture sizes.

  • Step 2 – Let Magic remove the background

Your image’s background is automatically removed by our tool. You can then select the color of the background. Though you can choose any color you like, white and transparent backgrounds are our most popular choices.

Besides automatic background removal mode, Background Eraser provides an extremely easy way to cut a background image using a group by color feature and transparent marker tool.

  • Step 3 – Download and Share

You can download your photo and be done after choosing a new background color, and thus you can store your photo in your album as well. You can also share it on your social platforms with a single click so that everyone can see your masterpiece!

Download Background Eraser Now!

With Background Eraser, you can add a transparent background to your photos and highlight specific subjects to use in a range of new designs and settings. It’s time to give it a try right now to immerse your subject in an entirely new setting! Download it now to check out the library of backgrounds and templates to get inspired!

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  • Android Version: Android 5.0
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