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Battery Guru helps you monitor and manage your phone’s battery and provides many tips for saving your phone’s battery power. Before downloading it to your phone, let’s check out some information about this app at


  • Battery Guru —— Battery saver and management app for mobile!

It’s great if you know the different ways to manage and maintain your phone’s battery life, which is actually important to protect your phone. Your phone’s battery will drain more slowly, you won’t need to carry your charger with you all the time, and you won’t have to worry about having too many tasks to do on your phone. The Battery Guru tool will help you do this easily.

  • Smart battery monitoring and energy saving

The first major feature of Battery Guru is to display battery usage information. An easy-to-understand bulletin board appears on the screen with important parameters related to the device’s battery. Including battery capacity mAh, current, temperature and other useful systems.

Each parameter will give you different information to help you have the right way to protect your battery. Is the charging current appropriate? Too long to charge? Cell phone battery drain too fast?

  • Give suggestions to extend battery life and maintain battery life

Cellular batteries have a limited lifespan. Each time the charger is plugged in, its total raw capacity decreases a little. Over time, the longer the use, the less battery life. To avoid this, limit wear and reduce charging time while maximizing battery life and phone life. Alternatively, to stop worrying about running low on your Battery, you can use apps that specifically support practical ways to extend your battery life, such as Battery Guru.

Battery Guru is an app that not only lists parameters related to your phone’s battery, but also helps users take better care of battery health in the right way to optimize battery performance, thus maintaining the overall lifetime of their devices.

With built-in Battery parameter display, Battery Guru can also help you calibrate the battery and give tips for current battery charging control. The app will display charging notifications and temperature warnings, suggesting a usage plan, duration, and how to charge the mobile battery.

Battery Guru also provides temperature alerts to help you extend battery life. With the app’s in-depth insights on the wake-up lock after the last charge, battery consumption status of detailed apps, you’ll know which apps you should continue to use or limit for better use of your device in the future.

Battery Guru helps you prevent situations where your battery runs out suddenly by showing you the time left to use, the time left to charge, the estimated time left to use when using common apps, and more. Make necessary adjustments to set priorities before the battery runs out.

Battery Guru not only provides implicit reminders, but can also help you set important reminders. The app will issue an alert when the temperature is high, the charging limit has been reached or the battery usage has reached an abnormal level, and there will also be a signal to notify you.

In addition, if you want to save even more power, you can use the phone’s Doze customization feature, which helps the device consume as little power as possible when the screen is off, similar to the phone’s sleep mode. It’s the best, most perfect way to save battery life for any phone.


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Battery Guru is a very useful app for Android phones that have been using it for a while. You’ll have multiple ways to save battery power and extend the life of your battery and device, always being active so that your battery doesn’t suddenly drain while in use


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