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Bazaart is an intelligent image enhancement and editing app based on deep AI technology integration. With a few simple basic actions, you can create unique, distinctive, and beautiful images on your own.

Use the Bazaart app for editing and use advanced AI technology to improve image quality!

An app that combines advanced photo editing features with AI technology

Bazaart is a photo-editing app with powerful AI technology. Make the image more beautiful, natural, elegant and vivid than the old image editing technology.

Bazaart is also a useful tool in the user’s image creation journey. Because with the help of built-in feature sets like micro design studios in this app, you’ll be able to create cooler things than live virtual images. Artwork, logos, posters, invitations, business cards, profile pictures, product pictures, product photos, newspaper ads, stickers, and many other art styles.

With the highly professional finished products made by Bazaart, you can easily use them for direct or online sales, or even use graphic content in a fan page or online personal page without any design experience.

Bazaart is centered on artificial intelligence-based image editing technology, which enables users to perform a variety of complex photo editing operations directly on mobile devices. With just a few simple clicks, you can do things that were previously only possible through complex, tedious software on your computer.

Change background and delete objects

The first is the ability to change the background and delete objects. The image of the subject is good, but the surroundings make you unhappy, or accidentally let an object in during the scene.

You will use this feature. Select the entire background box and replace it with a transparent background or one of the various backgrounds available in the application. This feature helps you create professional advertising images suitable for inserting other content on a glossy but extremely bright and tidy background. Changing the background and removing unwanted objects is also a way for you to get impressive virtual live images on social networks as well as luxurious and proud Spaces.

Improve image quality

The AI in Bazaart can also help you improve image quality. Turn the watermark into a clear and beautiful image, and turn the unclear lines on the face into solid bones. There are no limits to image enhancement in Bazaart. Camera shake, blur, poor quality will no longer appear in your photos.

Replace everything you like

In addition, with the support of artificial intelligence in the app, Bazaart can help you quickly complete everything you need, transforming and replacing every detail at will. Turn a white shirt into a burning orange shirt and a gentle puppy into a fluffy cute puppy. Depending on your creativity, you can pair the parts, color or change the material of everything on the image and still create a natural finished product, just like the default state when taking a photo.

Full photo editing capabilities

In addition, with smart AI technology, Bazaart offers a wide range of basic to advanced photo editing tools. Users can add up to 30 layers of photos simultaneously for individual editing or batch editing. For each image, by simply touching, selecting, and dragging to customize the level on the screen, you can change various image parameters such as exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, blurred areas, vibration, and more.

Filters and Effects

Bazaart also owns a personal collection of Filters and Effects. All of these are available and you just need to apply them to the image to get the desired effect instantly. When you want to save time, the automatic photo correction feature in Bazaart will surprise you with its ability to look at every error in a photo and automatically suggest the necessary correction.

Of course, the basic to advanced photo editing toolset in Bazaart does not lack the framework functionality of the available frameworks. Collage features with unique and highly aesthetically pleasing collages can also be used as templates. Just upload the required number of images per template, whenever you need them, and you’re ready to start your AZ-enabled creative journey.


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Bazaart is a smart image editing app with a lot of photo editing tools from simple to advanced, which can even be made more advanced with advanced AI technology. Even if you have no photo editing experience, you can still simply use this app.


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