BeatSync v4.0.174 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Create melodic effects for mobile music screens!

It’s not enough to just listen to the music, do you want the music to have the image you want? Coming to Kinemaster BeatSync, you will be able to create effects according to the melody and enjoy vivid, personalized music pictures in your own way.


APP Name: BeatSync
Category: Music & Audio
File Size: 140MB
Version: v 4.0.174
MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
Requires: Android 6.0+
Last Updated on: August 22, 2023
Price: Free
Security: Safe

You need to create a melodic effect when you listen to music

Thanks to the development of technology, we can now enjoy music anytime and anywhere through smart phones in our hands. But music alone may not be enough. You can make the melody come fully alive by adding visuals, lighting, or specific videos. Only then will your experience reach an absolute level.

With an understanding of these requirements, many developers have created polished music effects apps that can be seamlessly switched based on the melody playing on the device. This is to create excitement and harmony throughout the user’s enjoyment of the music.

If you’re looking for an app that combines modern effects and can perform more personalized actions, you can try BeatSync.

What’s so special about BeatSync?

BeatSync doesn’t just create beautiful melodic sounds, they appear on the screen every time music is played. The unique feature of the app is that it can use your own photos and videos on your device as a background for the musical effects of each song that is being played.

So from now on, you can have a live wallpaper with a beautiful picture of yourself or any video with your favorite sound effects while listening to music. The viewing component while listening to music is significantly enhanced.

More interestingly, BeatSync can also help you save videos created with effects, tunes, and images of your choice. From here, you can save it on device storage, in the cloud, or share it on popular social networks without going through another video production app.

Visual effects when listening to music

In other words, using BeatSync is “shaping” your music preferences in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. All you need to do is download BeatSync, launch the app, then select the current series of favorite images or videos on your device, then proceed with selecting effect templates from BeatSync.

At this point, the BeatSync effect will immediately show up on a series of images and correspond to the melody playing in the music you’re listening to. You can choose any music, any tempo, and playback speed, and the effects rendered on images and videos through BeatSync all sync the tempo to achieve attractive smoothness.

Currently, BeatSync users can apply the effects available in the app to a single video or up to 30 individual images. During the effect setting process, different effects can be used simultaneously, and it is possible to choose how these effects transition to the correct tone at will, one after another, sequentially, or repetitively.

Then, when you choose to listen to any music you like on your phone, the video effect or visual effect played through BeatSync will match the tune exactly, making the listening process more vivid.

Save the social sharing effect video

An interesting addition to BeatSync is that it helps you export files or images with effects and corresponding background music. You can share it on social networks or save it on your device or in cloud storage. This way, you can create slides/videos with interesting effects while listening to music to enhance the virtual life.

Download BeatSync APK for Android

BeatSync is an interesting application. It helps to create effects based on personal photos and videos of the music you’re listening to on your phone and combine virtual life in a new, convenient, and more personal style.


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