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BeautyPlus offers intuitive photo and video solutions for users. iOS, Android apps and Web tools are all available to help you share your life in dynamic and lovely ways, or boost productivity easily. Edit and share from any device, any time and anywhere.

BeautyPlus is more than just a photography and editing app, it’s a breakthrough among millions of beauty tools. With special features that highlight your beauty, the app is a great helper to turn simple photos into artworks filled with unimaginable beauty. “There ARE NO UGLY WOMEN, ONLY WOMEN WHO DON’T KNOW BeautyPlus!”

BeautyPlus —— Your Best Face Editor.


Remove blemishes from your face

BeautyPlus impressively delivers an impressive array of editing tools that are full of surprises. The beautification feature has done wonders in making natural beauty enhancement incredibly simple. It may seem like a small detail, but BeautyPlus’s effect on removing wrinkles exceeded my expectations, so much so that I feel like it never existed.

Spotting pimples and wrinkles is no longer a burden, but an incredible feeling when they become the perfect details on your face. Not only that, but BeautyPlus completely changed the concept of skin, turning it into a bright pink-white and beautifully smooth art painting.

If that’s not enough, BeautyPlus lets you create unique creative features completely at your whim. Edit the eyes for a bright, captivating look. Touch up your nose for perfect balance and contour, and even your mouth for an engaging, captivating smile. BeautyPlus becomes a master at creating unique facial features that help you create a confident face and an attractive smile.

Advanced filters for every functional quality

BeautyPlus has smart editing filters that no other app can match. No matter who you are, no matter your age or skin tone, BeautyPlus’ facial recognition technology selects the best filter based on your facial features and skin tone. Your job is simply to choose a nice selfie, let the app process it automatically and wait.

When you’re done, select one of the filters suggested by the app. Let BeautyPlus save you time searching for fancy files and give you more time to do other things.

Lots of other cool effects

Beauty is more than a brush stroke. The BeautyPlus app creates a colorful and unique world with hundreds of cool effects, stickers and frames. Dress up your creations with cute unique stickers, creative lighting effects or even personal signatures to create personalized, truly creative and unique pieces. After adding some fun stickers, your photos will look more unique than ever. Or CHANGE the FRAME WITH INTERESTING SAMPLES FROM BeautyPlus, YOU will be very satisfied with this idea.

Quality camera system

In addition to professional photo editing, BeautyPlus offers a modern camera that lets you shoot as much as you want without having to access your photo library. The app employs leading edge camera technology to ensure that you can take the smartest and cleanest photos. You can adjust parameters such as contrast, brightness, color restoration to create the effect and atmosphere of your photos you want.

BeautyPlus also offers multiple shooting modes that allow you to create the pictures you want. Auto mode lets you take photos quickly and easily, while Professional mode offers advanced options for you to customize and control every aspect of your photos.

In addition, BeautyPlus integrates other advanced technologies such as image stabilization, auto focus, and face detection. These features help you take photos more smoothly and accurately, and ensure that important elements like the face, eyes, nose, and mouth are clear and natural.

Share photos with friends and families

Why not share your creativity with the world? With BeautyPlus, taking and editing photos is made simple and quick, so you can share your creations on top social networks like Instagram, Facebook and X. You can confidently conquer everyone around you with your amazing moments and talents.


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BeautyPlus —— Your Best Face Editor.

With a user-friendly interface, customisation features and hundreds of creative effects, BeautyPlus is an indispensable tool for people who love beauty and art. If you’re ready to add some magic to your everyday photos, download the app here.


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