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Faith becomes a daily ritual.
Study the Bible on the road.
Bible-Daily Bible Verse is a free mobile app designed to help you get in touch with the Bible, get closer to God, and learn God's Word.
The app revolves around the Bible. It offers a wealth of resources for daily prayer, Christian meditation and more.
Bible-Daily Bible Verse provides a fast, lightweight and free offline Bible verse tool for your daily Bible study, providing a comprehensive solution for all your spiritual needs.
Immerse yourself in the teachings of the Bible. You can tailor your reading plan to your needs and preferences to deepen your understanding.

- Download and share pictures of daily scriptures to spread the Word of God effortlessly.
- Receive two prayer reminders daily, including daily scripture, prayer and meditation, for a full spiritual experience.
- Access the complete Bible in multiple languages, including text and audio formats. Use personal notes and highlights to strengthen your connection to the Bible and gain insight into your favorite verses and passages.
- Test your knowledge and understanding through the Bible Test to engage with the teachings of the Bible in an interactive and educational way.

Read or listen to Bible audio anytime, anywhere, and don't miss an opportunity to grow.
Listen to the audio Bible while commuting, exercising, or multitasking, while supplementing with guided prayer and Christian meditation. The Bible can be a constant companion, inspiring and supporting you in your journey of faith.
Healing verses, Bible verses, and verses of the day bring comfort and motivation as you tackle life's challenges.
Download and unlock the infinite wisdom of the Bible today and let the Bible guide you every step of your journey.


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