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Bilibili is a world-renowned video bullet screen site, with timely anime, active ACG atmosphere, and creative Up owners. You can find a lot of joy here.

Animation, that is, animation and manga, especially contemporary comic books and cartoons. Do you like watching anime? In recent decades, anime has become very popular and widely loved by the public. There are many anime fans around the world. There are even anime communities, cosplay. However, do you really know the official channels to watch the best quality anime movies? Let introduce you to the Bilibili app, an app to watch the most complete and highest quality anime series, plus fun bullet screens.


  • Young people are using Bilibili

Bilibili is a popular and powerful online movie-watching app that originated in China. With over 200 million registered users, it is the leading online entertainment platform for young people. With its unique features and rich content, Bilibili has brought thousands of hours of great entertainment to the global community of men and women. In China, the app is installed on almost every young person’s mobile phone and is widely used. Trust me, you’ll love it.

  • Diversified, copyright-protected animation stores

As mentioned above, Bilibili is the leading application in streaming Japanese anime series. Bilibili has millions of major anime series, whether finished or unfinished, it has turned its film archive into one of the most complete anime collections.

In addition to franchises that have become legendary in the anime world, such as One Piece, Attack on the Giant, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Detective Conan and Gob’s Tail, the app will also offer more options for other movies that have just been released but are expected to become blockbuster hits. The most typical is Magic War 2, a highly anticipated film in various anime circles and groups. Now you know where to watch!

  • Update anime earliest and fastest

As a mainstream movie website, Bilibili proudly owns the rights to all anime films from various publishing houses. So every time a movie is released (excluding those in theaters), the app will be the first to show those movies for free. Especially for popular films, Station B was authorized to show them a little earlier than expected. This will be the first place to enjoy the latest movies.

  • Multi-language subtitles

The Bilibili application’s movie translation system is one of the significant factors that helps the app reach and  create convenience for users throughout the time of watching movies. Station B has invested in the development of a multi-language movie translation database to meet the needs of global users.

First, Station B provides subtitle translation. You can choose to watch movies with subtitles in your language. From English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German and even Vietnamese, B-Station continuously upgrades and supplements its database to meet the additional translation needs of global users.

In addition to subtitle translation, Station B also provides dialogue translation. This allows you to choose to watch movies dubbed or translated into your country’s language, but this feature isn’t really popular as it’s only available in certain movies and languages. However, B station still ensures the quality of translation and dubbing is accurate and natural, providing the best viewing experience for all users.

  • High quality

Bilibili offers high-definition movies with picture quality options such as SD (Standard Definition), HD (High definition), Full HD (1080p) and even Ultra HD (4K). 

In addition, Bilibili focuses on improving video quality through the use of advanced technologies and algorithms. Bilibili’s system employs intelligent analytics and transmission optimization technology to ensure fast and stable download speeds and uninterrupted movie viewing.

In particular, Station B also provides the function of downloading movies to your phone, which is convenient for you to watch offline without the Internet. In addition, the app supports the ability to watch movies on mobile devices, allowing you to access content on multiple different platforms anytime, anywhere.


Download Bilibili

Bilibili offers a wide variety of anime series, which is sure to become an indispensable app on most mobile phones. Not only that, but with advanced video quality, vivid sound, and the ability to quickly update your movies, the app promises to bring you comfortable moments of relaxation. Download Bilibili and immerse yourself in funny Japanese animated movies and funny videos!


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