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Nowadays, accessing websites with pornographic content has become a common problem and can cause many negative effects.

Not only does it affect your personal life and social relationships, but it also reduces work productivity and affects your mood and psychological status.

BlockP emerged to solve this problem and create a healthier and safer cyberspace. OK, Let’s talk about BlockP


  • What is BlockP?

BlockP is a powerful application that helps you control and prevent access to pornographic and inappropriate websites. To provide a safe and healthy environment for users, the app ensures reliable control over your online activities.

  • Why install BlockP?

A common problem many people face is their children or employees accessing pornographic websites. This not only affects everyone’s personal and family life, but also causes reduced work efficiency, wasted time, personal psychological damage and many other terrible problems.

For These Many Reasons,  it becomes very necessary to have blocking applications like BlockP. By this way, you can easily control your employees’ or children’s access to the dark web, ensuring that inappropriate content cannot be accessed.

  • Easy to install

Installing and using BlockP is easy! First, the app can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices running the Android operating system.  After successful installation, BlockP will automatically run and affect all browsers on your device. This provides incredible flexibility, allowing you to control access to unwanted content from whatever browser you use.

BlockP uses keyword blocking and blacklist mechanisms to automatically exclude access to websites that contain inappropriate and pornographic content. The keyword blocking mechanism allows you to specify a list of keywords associated with unwanted content. When visiting a web page that contains these words, the app blocks access so you can’t view it.

  • Set up a blacklist

BlockP uses blacklists to block access to websites that contain unhealthy content. This blacklist is regularly updated to ensure that you don’t visit any unwanted websites.This feature makes BlockP an effective tool for maintaining a secure online environment for users.

By automatically blocking access to pornographic and inappropriate content, you don’t have to worry about accidentally encountering unhealthy content while surfing the web.Or even, if you find a website that you think is inappropriate, you can copy the link to that site and add it to this list so that the app helps you block all ways to access it.

  • Create a conservation plan

With BlockP, you can set specific times to block access to pornographic and inappropriate websites. This is useful when you want to ensure that you or others in your household can only access the Internet at certain times and avoid unwanted content. With this feature, you can set a specific time of day to block access to inappropriate content.

For example, you can choose to block access to pornography during critical times like work hours or at night. This is like a kind of “part-time protection”, not to prohibit people from accessing it, but to absolutely not use it when it is needed.

  • Activity log recording

In addition to blocking access to websites, BlockP has another very useful feature that helps you understand the exact web history of each browser. With this feature, you can view a detailed activity log, including a list of websites visited, time and date of visit, and a timeline of keywords used. This information can help you understand the Internet usage of an individual or a family member.

  • Download BlockP APK for Android

BlockP is a powerful app that is able to control and block access to pornographic and inappropriate websites. This app gives you confidence and peace of mind when using the Internet. Whether you are an individual or a business, BlockP will help you control and protect your security in cyberspace.



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