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Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse v5.4.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PC/ mobile phone are very convenient wireless keyboard and mouse applications in today’s modern life.

Turn your device into a serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse – no additional software required!

Use your Android device as a remote keyboard and mouse for your tablet, computor, smartphone,  Android TV…

Features include:

  • Scroll enabled keyboard, mouse and trackpad
  • PC keyboard features to type comfortably and switch between more than 100 different language layouts
  • Multimedia mode controls playback, volume and navigation on the media player
  • Numeric keypad layout for making calculations and sending the results to your connected device
  • Presenter Control mode allows you to navigate through the slides of your presentation while moving freely and engaging the audience
  • Scanner mode sends QR and barcodes to your connected device
  • Create your own custom layout using specific controls from your favorite app or game
  • A mobile-based air mouse that can interact with your PC or laptop from a distance
  • Voice input can send copied text to your connected device


From mobile phones to smart keyboards and mice

Today, we are always looking for ways to make everything around us easy and always looking to save all possible costs. In the past, we used to spend a lot of money on more wired keyboards and mice to make computers easier to operate. But in today’s modern life, all the advanced modern technology gives birth to a lot of good ideas. A serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PCS/phones, for example, is designed to help office workers move quickly and save more money. All PCS and Android devices can be connected and used as a dedicated keyboard and mouse for smartphones via a Bluetooth connection.

Support for all devices

Serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PC/ mobile phone allows support all devices connected to it. However, the kernel device must have a Bluetooth tool to successfully connect and start using it. The app will connect when the device boots. The operating systems of most devices have been tested successfully.


Benefits of using the app

Using a serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on a PC/ mobile phone has several advantages. When using the app, people are supported to correct keystrokes and suggest words you want to type. More than 100 font styles, convenient for users to use, make the content more vivid. It all functions like a real keyboard and mouse, the typed text is automatically capitalized, and many suggestions are added.


In addition to the above updated features, the serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PC/ mobile also supports users in 100 different languages worldwide. Some of the world’s languages are now integrated by applications to allow users to use them for appropriate purposes. When you launch the application, you can choose your own common language to speed up the operation. Notably, it integrates many modern features, finds more sources, and regularly updates the dictionary with popular words. Not only that, through a smartphone, you can also become a smart remote control mouse.

Excellent user interface design

Users can customize color transitions and install many other emojis to make the keyboard more diverse and compelling. They are optimized and support more basic buttons for users to use.

Users can enter documents quickly and accurately through the app, and it provides you with complete text and sentences. In addition, users sync and back up in the cloud to keep what you’ve marked as essential.


Why don’t we look for remote keyboard and mouse apps to be more convenient to use? It’s a brilliant app that you must have as soon as possible to work more easily. Serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PC/ mobile phone are very convenient wireless keyboard and mouse applications in today’s modern life.


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