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Bubble Level PRO was considered one of the unexpected applications that demonstrated the technological power of smart mobile devices. Through this app, you can measure the precise balance of any aircraft thanks to the built-in gyroscope sensor.

Measure the balance of any aircraft using the gyroscope sensor app!

Bringing the gyroscope sensor concept to mobile functionality through an app

Gyroscopic sensors are a fairly common concept, and you’ve probably heard the phrase somewhere. This is a device made according to the principle of conservation of angular momentum, specifically for making tools for orientation and measurement in reality.

In simple terms, a gyroscope sensor is a smooth wheel that can rotate freely in all directions. Therefore, it can detect the angular velocity and direction of object tilt in any space and react immediately to the tilt Angle, thus identifying the imbalance of the object.

Because of this precise versatility, gyroscopes are used to make compasses, yo-yos, and gyroscopes that serve as virtual control tools in racing games (controlled by tilting your phone).

One of the other important functions of a gyroscope is that it can be used to measure the precise balance level of an aircraft in construction, manufacturing or research. This useful feature has been brought to life for users of mobile devices through a special app called Bubble Level PRO.

What is Bubble Level PRO?

Bubble Level PRO is an app for Android mobile devices dedicated to measuring whether a horizontal or vertical surface is truly horizontal with respect to a standard coordinate axis. The origin coordinate axis in Bubble Level PRO is designed based on a gyroscope sensor, which means that it is always in the correct position regardless of space-time, and returns to its original correct position after each measurement. This way you know exactly whether the measuring surface is straight or horizontal, and if not, how many degrees away from the standard.

Operating Principle

The Bubble Level PRO’s design is very simple: the level meter has a glass tube filled with liquid. Both the fluid and the rotating wheel are able to move smoothly in all directions on their own. When displaced, this liquid leaves air bubbles in the horizontal or vertical ducts of the wheel.

When you open Bubble Level PRO on your phone, the device instantly turns into a portable meter. Place this “ruler” on any edge/plane where the inclination is to be measured and you will see the results immediately. If the plane is slightly tilted, bubbles will appear and move away from the original standard center position. At the same time, a clock will appear on the moving surface, indicating the plane’s tilt based on the displacement of the bubble just now.

What/When/Where is Bubble Level PRO usually used for?

Bubble levels are commonly used in architecture, woodworking, and photography to determine if the object you’re working with is level. When used correctly, bubble levels can help you perfectly level furniture, provide you with help when hanging pictures or other items on your walls, level a pool table, level a ping-pong table, set up a tripod for photos, level your trailer or camper, and much more. It is a must for any home or apartment.

Your device should have been calibrated by the manufacturer. If you think the calibration is wrong, you can recalibrate the device by turning on Calibration, placing the device screen face up on a perfectly level surface (such as the floor of a room), and pressing SET. Press Reset to return the default factory calibration of the device.

Due to its ability to accurately measure tilt, Bubble Level PRO is commonly used to measure materials and building surfaces, or to measure the accuracy of crafts and woodworking products. Designers and photographers often need to use Bubble Level PRO to measure the correct shooting Angle or design Angle.

With Bubble Level PRO, you can create planes or objects with straight edges or right angles.

Not only that, but digging deeper, Bubble Level PRO can also help you with many of life’s little tasks, such as hanging pictures, drilling holes in the wall, watching billiard ball paths, making a flat ping-pong table, setting up the perfect camera tripod, and stretching your balance tent…

During use, if you are worried that the standard horizontal axis and vertical axis are no longer standard, you can press the RESET button at any time to return the original standard state of the gyroscope sensor in App.

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Bubble Level PRO is a small app, but it does a lot in practice. From measuring, designing, manufacturing and constructing the movement to small daily tasks, everything is possible with this precise measuring tool. Do you already have Bubble Level PRO installed on your device?


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