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It is not difficult to start learning a language, but it is not easy to learn it well.  Today, lovelystationery.com recommends a foreign language learning App for you to easily get the essence of learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language well is never easy. Most people give up halfway because there is no scientific, correct, professional and efficient foreign language learning plan.  Busuu will be an app to help you learn languages healthfully, happily and easily, and there are ways to overcome these problems.

With Busuu, you can learn foreign languages with friends all over the world.

Busuu, a great basic language learning app with learning plans and reminders!

Busuu gives you the confidence to deal with all kinds of conversational situations in life.

  • 💙The difficulties of foreign language learners

The ideal way to learn a foreign language is to learn it correctly from the first few years of life. But unfortunately, if you don’t have that foundation, we have to start learning foreign languages as adults, just like adults.

Then you already have too many busy, distracting things around you. Spending even half an hour a day learning a foreign language is a luxury. Most adults who learn English always face the same difficulties: no scientific study plan, no self-discipline to ensure the minimum amount of study in a day. These are the two fundamental reasons why courses that cost a lot of money and take a long time still don’t yield results.

Instead of looking for something else vague and lofty, let’s start learning a foreign language in a more thoughtful, orderly, scientific way with basic learning rules with the help of a language learning app like Busuu.

  • 💙Why learn a language with Busuu?

Busuu is an application designed by experts in the field of linguistics to help you learn a new language, offering many engaging lessons from simple to complex and from easy to difficult. When you participate in foreign language learning at Busuu, you will not only have access to a satisfying study plan designed for everyone based on your current level and personal progress, but you will also have the opportunity to participate in the learning process with Busuu’s large community of foreign language enthusiasts.

The community includes native speakers, learners, language researchers, and qualified teachers. Together, the Busuu community has created a useful learning and practice network that you can access from your phone anytime, anywhere.

  • 💙Study plans and effective reminders

To overcome the pitfalls that many foreign language learners experience for a long time without achieving the desired results, Busuu first helps you design a scientific study plan based on each person’s unique abilities.

Busuu is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other foreign languages. For each language, the app will provide you with a survey that you will need to fill out in order for Boshu to understand your language learning needs and expectations.

After the survey results come out, the app will actively recommend a suitable foreign language learning route for you. The program will consist of many small interconnected lessons, arranged in a completely different order for each person. The course will cover many different topics, such as listening practice, pronunciation, news stories and listening interviews, listening to music, travel, work, research, science, life…

  • 💙Busuu gives you the confidence to deal with all kinds of conversational situations in life

In each lesson, you will practice listening and pronunciation through real communication situations, short stories or news reports, interviews, podcasts, etc. Busuu currently has enough learning content for 13 languages, enough for you to hone any foreign language you love.

Busuu not only provides learning plans, but also provides effective reminders. You will start with the basics and work on reading, writing, and speaking with a little intensity to fit the initial amount of knowledge.

Busuu then suggests a learning route in minutes, hours, and days based on the initial goal that the user filled out in the previous survey. When class time comes, Busuu automatically sends alerts, reminder messages, and messages asking for attention and proper preparation. This is a very good measure of attracting discipline in the process of learning a foreign language for users who have difficulty sticking to their study time.

With Busuu’s study plan, if you find that something doesn’t work, you can change your goal completely, reduce your study time and choose a different form of reminder to help you be more proactive and disciplined throughout the day.

  • 💙Good learning support community

That said, Busuu also helps you connect and learn with a large community of over 120 million users worldwide. You can connect with native speakers, language teachers, or others learning like you, listen, learn how, and get feedback from them on how to read new words. This is a highly proactive approach that both attracts users’ social connections and improves pronunciation and spoken language like a native language.

  • 💙Tracking and rating functions

To assess the effectiveness of the learning process, Busuu also provides many other useful features. Just like the built-in notebook for new sesame words you learn, there’s also a smart grammar review tool for difficult lessons. You can also set up longer periods for important courses and request separate tests for those courses after you study them.

Busuu also has a user learning track. When using this feature, you will get detailed statistics on the total number of study hours, the number of lessons completed, and what percentage of the total number of original study plans. These numbers will help you make more reasonable adjustments later.

  • 💙Download Busuu APK & MOD for Android

As one of the few foreign language learning apps that has been highly praised by many well-known experts in the technology industry (e.g., from PCmag), actual users themselves have given many positive comments on the effects during use. As a language learning app, Busuu is the one that should be installed on your device in order for you to start learning a foreign language more effectively every day.


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