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Today introduces an activity management app that helps users organize their work and life in a scientific way, perfect for the productive and busy.

Busyness is good, busyness makes people feel no longer empty, busyness makes people feel full and happy, but at some point, you may lose control. Because the workload is too heavy, the schedule is very tight, and some personal relationships need to be dealt with. You need a tool that acts as your powerful assistant, one that can record important events in the simplest and most observable way, like this CalenGoo app.

  • A classic calendar interface like a paper calendar

CalenGoo’s interface gives you a raw experience with images and colors like a paper calendar. You’ll feel focused and not distracted by the goals and tasks you’ve set. Overall, you have no problems operating and using CalenGoo.

  • Personalized customization

Also, if you want to redesign the calendar in CalenGoo yourself, you can use the app’s advanced customization features. The app allows you to customize colors, font sizes, fonts, and a few other details on your calendar. Instead of just looking at a monotonous calendar with stressful assignments,  this feature helps you get more inspired every day to accomplish your goals.

  • Synchronize data with cloud services

Understanding the importance of user data when using CalenGoo, the app supports you to back up your data to a number of cloud services, such as iCloud or Google Calendar. You can easily sync your data across different devices without the hassle of worrying about data loss. You should know that the data users use when using the app are important notes from work and life. If you accidentally delete an app, you must be very desperate. So it’s a pretty useful feature.

  • How do I create a calendar and notes

You’re probably already familiar with creating a basic calendar using the default calendar app on your phone. CalenGoo serves as an upgraded version of this ability. You can create repeat events, set reminders, and add detailed comments and attachments. The app also supports drag-and-drop functionality to easily reschedule activities. In addition, CalenGoo offers powerful search capabilities that allow you to quickly find specific events by keyword or title.

  • Multiple notification methods

CalenGoo also provides multiple notification methods for your calendar, such as notifications, pops, sounds, vibrations, and more. Set up detailed notifications based on task importance, so you can easily know what to do. For example, when the notification contains sound and vibration, you are about to have an important meeting with a customer.

  • Share your calendar with others

If you’re a boss with hundreds of employees, you can create a calendar and easily share it with employees and colleagues. CalenGoo supports one-click calendar sharing with others, ensuring that everyone has access to the calendar details you have created. If you don’t want people to ruin your calendar, you can set permissions to only allow others to read it.

  • Create an offline calendar

Of course, you can still create calendars and notes even without an Internet connection. It’s just that certain features like cloud syncing and sharing with others don’t work. However, when you connect to the Internet again, the app will automatically sync the data you created while offline.

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What you want, What CalenGoo provides.

Not many event-scheduling apps have as many built-in features as CalenGoo. When there is a need to quickly arrange your work and personal life, you can use this app and benefit from its multitasking capabilities. You need a tool that acts as your powerful assistant, one that can record important events in the simplest and most observable way, like this CalenGoo app.



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