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Caller ID? Call Recording? Block numbers ? Block numbers ? 

We got it all with CallApp, our scrupulous Phone application!

CallApp is a mobile call management app that helps you stay away from spam calls, AD calls, or spam messages.

1. What is CallApp?

You’re looking for caller ID, calling numbers, want to record calls, want to find all past calls… All of this can now be done quickly and easily via CallApp.

CallApp is an application that helps manage mobile phones, including all tasks: phone number retrieval, call restrictions, call statistics, call recording, and blocking advertising phone numbers. Henceforth, you no longer have to worry about wasting time on useless phone calls.

2. Main Features

  • Caller ID  –   Automatically identifies calls from spammers, telemarketers, unknown numbers.
  • Call Blocking  –   Select a number and add it to your blacklist with one click. You will never be disturbed by harassing phone calls again!
  • Phone Recorder  –   Use CallApp to record all your calls! Save your conversations and never worry about missing important details again.
  • Video Ringtone  –   You can set any video to ringtone and relive the memories of every time the ringtone rings! Even select a different video for each contact.

3. Identify Caller ID

With CallApp, you will no longer have to wonder who is calling you, as the app will help you find out who the anonymous person who just called you is in a split second. You can look up each incoming number and you will always know who is calling you, so you can decide whether or not to answer the call.

CallApp employs advanced identification technology to identify unknown phone numbers. There are currently over 5.5 billion numbers in the app’s address book, ensuring you can always find a stranger’s phone number here.

CallApp can also identify spam calls and mobile AD calls. The app proactively blocks these numbers if you want, or you proactively put them on the blocked list so you don’t have to waste time later.

4. Block Unwanted Calls

CallApp is also a useful app if you have some annoying phone numbers to block, such as robocalls, AD calls, and calls from people you don’t want to talk to. You’ll put those phone numbers on the app’s blacklist. From then on, each time these numbers call your phone, they are automatically blocked, saving you the trouble of marketing calls, automated calls, and scam calls.

Blacklists in CallApp are also optional. You will make your own filters according to your needs. Based on this filter, the application will automatically filter out phone numbers that share the same principle or ids that meet the requirements you provide and automatically block them. You will no longer be tired of harassing phone calls.

5. Protect Yourself Better with ARC Call Recording

CallApp uses a new generation of call recording technology. With good sound quality and smart filters, all your calls will be quickly recorded to ensure you don’t miss any important information. The recording files can be saved to the device or cloud storage.

There are many situations when you need to record a call: for evidence, for post-hoc comparison, for more accurate listening of the information, for memory… These requirements, CallApp’s ARC call recording function will be well supported.

This feature in CallApp will help you record automatically. You can provide call recording options to optimize the quality, duration, and format of the finished recording file. Can be operated quickly and easily in all cases. This is the way to keep you safe when making calls using your mobile phone in all circumstances.

CallApp is now compatible with WEAR OS and next-generation smartwatchettes.

6. How to Login?

Log in using only your phone number. You can’t sign in with your Facebook and Google accounts.

7. Download CallApp APK & MOD for Android

CallApp will help you know who’s calling and identify people who are and aren’t connected, even if it’s unknown numbers or no numbers, most of which are identified due to the huge volume of phone number data. Not to mention it also has call recording and blocking functions, which well protect your privacy and security in all mobile calls. Let’s download and use this app right now!


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