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Make yourself glamorous with Camera360!

Nobody uses a smartphone without knowing Camera360. This photo editing application is named the most effective photo editing app on mobile with its variation and impressive range of effects.

About Camera360

💙 20 years of devotion to photography technologies, offering you the best decorating experience.

💙 Downloaded by 1 million+ people from all over the world!

💙 A camera app that lets you be who you want to be!

💙 Celebrities around the world are using an essential for selfies.

💙 Camera360 is a well-known photo-editing app for mobile phones that brings out bright selfies, smooth facial skin, and many other amazing effects. The app has been around for more than 20 years, which is enough for the developers to accumulate enough experience from actual user feedback to refine the app and bring users the best mobile photography app.

Better face, smoother skin

Body shape, skin and hair are three important factors in creating beauty. If you want to look younger and more beautiful, you need to invest a lot of time, energy and financial resources to improve your appearance. But is it enough? Why can’t you take good pictures?

Give your beauty back 

Now young people are keen to pursue the original camera quality sense. Camera360 saves the original camera sharpen, color, and imperfections, and restores your beauty in high definition.

While you wait for your training to come to fruition, you can use an app to help you with imaging, such as Camera360.

Camera360 can improve the skin and make your face and body skin extremely smooth. You are still yourself, but brighter and more radiant in each photo.

But that’s just the beginning. Camera360 also helps you shape your face. Instantly, you have a professional beautician’s masterpiece, slender V face.

With these two features, you can create any style in your own way, anywhere, without having to worry about exposing dead spots on your face or blemished skin.

Save the original camera color defects, highly restore the real beauty

With Camera360, you can make all the difference in your images with just one click. No more tedious editing steps, no more complicated operations, any trouble or dissatisfaction in each picture will be thoroughly handled in the best and fastest way.

Not only your face shape, body shape and skin, you can also change the objects in front of you, draw the lines of clouds as you like, and create your own dream sky. You can also mess with a photo’s previous tone using the app’s array of fancy filters. Camera360’s highly artistic filters will help you do whatever you like and give you a picture that is faithful to art.

Animation effects, movie effects

Animation is not only comics, but also culture and art. If you can turn your photos into unique high quality cartoons. In just a moment, you can transform yourself into a real cartoon star.

You can also make yourself a professional film actor with unique special watercolors from Camera360 with movie effects, bright tones, full color or black and white. You can try anything you’ve never done before.

Camera360 has over 300 different filters, with all styles and personalities such as black and white, retro, HDR, Lomo,  and Hong Kong style from the past decade…  all options are there, just for you.

Make videos and edit your stories

Camera360 is not only effective for images, but also for short clips of 10 to 60 seconds. You can optionally change the apply filters,  background music  and makeup tools in the app to find yourself a change to suit the story. In just a few minutes, you can turn your story into a movie as good as any meticulously post-edited video clip.

What else does Camera360 VIP do?

  • No advertisements
  • VIP feature
  • 100+ VIP beautification tools exclusively for portraits
  • More than 200 VIP makeover features
  • 600+ filters, stickers updated every week
  • Make skin smooth
  • Face reshaping
  • Face/body slimming
  • Customer care for VIP

Download Camera360 APK & MOD for Android

Minimalist and beautiful interface, features displayed from the homepage, helping you unleash your creativity on photos and short clips while ensuring perfect body, skin and face at every shooting angle, Camera360 is an application you should have on your device to use every day.


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