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It wouldn’t be surprising if Candy Camera also only brought in filter image editing tools, effects, and other effects like countless image editing apps. But candy cameras aren’t like that. The app brings pure beauty and rare vibrations. Who hasn’t been moved by the beauty of youthful vigor in the photo? Candy Camera makes your selfie images special.
Edited as sweet and beautiful as a dream!

Since the day when mobile phone photography became popular, photo editing apps have been gradually familiar to everyone. Especially with the explosion of social networking, people not only have to be beautiful in real life, but also sweet and beautiful online. That’s why so many editing apps have been developed.

Candy Camera is a photo editing app that integrates many features and has a different aesthetic that you should try out.

Candy Camera, that sounds so sweet!

Candy Camera’s biggest unique feature is that it contains a series of filters that can filter selfies and any other photos to create a series of dreamy images. Bright skin, white teeth, good figure, fspotless face, surrounded by sweet and joyful colors, showing the energy of youth.

You’re still you in the picture, but you’re young, healthy, and fresh many times over through the magic of Candy Camera’s age-reduction hack. “Sweet as Candy” is about people in photos taken with post-production support from a candy camera.

One filter fits all

Not only are there filters that change the color and style of your photos like many apps do, the Candy Camera Filter Collection also gives you a fantastic sky with all the variations from big to small. The final photo will surprise you with its beautiful but still natural shimmer.

The skin filter set in Candy Camera can make your skin glow, firmer, and fresher. This set of face filters will help to highlight the unique features of the face. You’ll have a harmonious whole without having to edit bit by bit.

With these built-in filters, you simply upload your photo to the app, select the filter you like, and swipe left and right to adjust the level or switch between filters. It’s worth noting that the filters in the candy camera always show up in real time when you’re taking a selfie. That is, after taking a photo, you can make adjustments immediately, or when shooting with the camera in the app, the filter will be applied as soon as you take it, without having to open the app to redo the action.

As shared above, all of Candy Camera’s filter groups follow the cute candy style. Bright water, smooth, fresh skin, and a soft and delicate feel to each photo are common features of many of the filters in this app.

Create collages from many vibrant young templates

The app offers many cute and fun puzzle templates with permutations, color looks, and beautiful delicate details to add to the frame. Just choose the number of images required for the template and you’ll have a cute and memorable photo collage.

Beauty tool set

If filters are still not bold enough, you can confidently get the perfect look in every photo using the Candy Camera Beautification Kit. The beauty tools in the application are also divided into several groups: body correction (slimming), skin improvement group, concealer group, color makeup group (including eyeliner, lipstick, blush).

With the support of these three sets of beauty tools, the perfect body and attractive face are all yours, while still maintaining natural and bright features.

Support smart and polite photography in crowded places

Candy Camera also enables users to take more elegant selfies in crowded places by quickly turning off the clicking sound when the shutter button is pressed. This silent mode helps you confidently take selfies anywhere without worrying about strange stares from those around you, or about others feeling violated when they know someone is taking pictures nearby.

Download Candy Camera APK & MOD for Android

With Candy Camera, you no longer have to worry about selfie quality, and from now on, your charming appearance, perfect body, beautiful shiny face will always be in every frame.


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